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What We Don't Know, Will Hurt Us

Chapter 3: Calling Card

Jonathan's POV
The whole trip was almost flawless, save for some arguments between Lindsey and I but of course it was all resolved. It's nowhere near October yet but really, no matter how awesome my vacation was, it couldn't go forever. Chicago is now my second home after Winnipeg, I tend to miss it. The only thing that annoys me after long holidays is unpacking and doing laundry.

The pile of unwashed clothing lying on my bed is an eyesore but I have to clean them as I have no other clothes in my apartment right now. I might be earning shitloads but I refuse to shop, as it is too boring. I might be earning shitloads, but I still have no maid - that I need to look into.

The buzz of my phone disrupted the silence. A text message from Lindsey:

"Hey Jonny boy, wanna go out l8er? D WAGs and their boys r gonna bar hop tonyt." WAGs? The hell is that?
"Meh.. Sorry Linds, still pretty jet lag and need to do laundry - can you believe it."
In no second she had a reply: "PLEASE, don't want to b alone there.. U know there's an after party thing always .. In my place, just us 2 ;) wink wink" I really am not in the mood. Where does this girl get the energy? But I relent, don't want to argue .. I'm tired.
"Fine" I type and send.
"Yay! Pick me up at 9 k? See u Hun." I groan and rummage through the mess in my bed to look for the least wrinkled and dirty clothes.

I picked a jacket I wore for the least amount during the Italy trip. Searching through the pockets, I feel a small piece of paper. Looking at it for a few good minutes, it read Marigold Han. Without a second thought, I grabbed my phone, punched the numbers in and waited for her to pickup.

"Hello?" She finally answered to what felt like an eternity.

Mari's POV
I was getting ready to cook some dinner, when my phone started to ring. An unregistered number? Maybe a potential client.

I pressed accept and curiously greeted the caller
"Oh cool.. Hey Mari, this is Jon actually." My heart started to race out of anxiousness
"Hey, what's up?" I finally talk
"Well you know, just got back from my vacation. It's nice you live and work here in town"
"Yep, it's a nice place."
"My second home, anyway I was just wondering if you want to catch up? Have coffee or something? Say on Sunday? Around 11 am? If you're not busy."
"Sunday's good, I'm off on Sundays and I have no clients." Why did I agree to this?
"Cool, let's meet up in Millennium Park, by the bean?"
"Ok, don't be late!"
"Me, never late here girl!" I chuckle, remembering all the times he would be early for dates with my sister.
"If you want, you can bring someone like a boyfriend or even Jas if she lives here too.. You guys are like attached at the hip."
"Umm.." I gulped, "Ha, I don't have a boyfriend Jonny.. Anyway, see ya"
"Bye" he said.

Immediately, I put down the phone. Now what do I tell him about my sister?


I feel an onset of writer's block coming soon. But for the readers and subscribers out there, I've actually written till the 11th chapter and half of the 12th.


This is amazing please continue it <3

Hockeyfan101 Hockeyfan101
This story is one of my favorites!!! I love it:)
Riley Riley