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Chapter 11

In the EHP HQs, Jonathan is walking around the hallways, thinking of a plan to save Antti.
"Hmmm...Where would he be? Oh! I know--the dungeon!" Jonathan runs faster down the hallway.
Patrick finally gets past Crawford and Shaw with Antti.
"Thank you, thank you, Patrick," Antti thanks Patrick. "I owe you one."
"Oh, that's okay, dude. Now...trying to get out...."
"STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" Crawford shouts form behind them
"In your dreams, man!" Patrick tells him, turning around to face him.
They start to fight against each other with Shaw and the guards get defeated.
"See! Told ya guys that you can beat us up only in your dreams, dudes!" Patrick runs up to the main hallway with Antti.
Jonathan sees them and runs up to them. "You guys!"
"Oh, Jonathan, there you are!" Antti exclaims in relief. "But where's Sidney?"
"That's what I came here for--to tell you that Sidney's unconscious!"
"Oh no, that's not good, dude!" Patrick places his hands on his mouth.
"Well, I'll heal him after we get out of here--"
"Which will never happen!"
Jonathan, Antti, and Patrick turn around, seeing Carey and Giroux standing behind them.
Jonathan points to Carey. "You're the one that knocked Sid out!"
"Yes, yes, great observation there, Quick!" Carey tells Jonathan. "Now surrender or get beaten up!"
"Uhhh..." Patrick gives Carey a confused look. "Isn't that like the same exact thing, man?"
"That's the whole point! Hah!" Carey uses his telepathic powers on Jonathan.
"ACK! My mind...!" Jonathan falls to the floor in pain, holding his head. "It hurts... Stop... Stop it..."
"NOOOOOO, DUDE!!!" Patrick whacks Carey with his bow and Carey falls to the ground.
"Aw, thanks." Jonathan gets up with a sigh of relief.
"You won't get uhway from dat!" Giroux shouts.
"Oh yea I can, man!" Patrick starts to fight against Giroux, but ends up getting tied up again by Giroux's lasso, unable to move.
Jonathan jumps in and tries to untie Patrick, but Giroux pushes him to the other side. Jonathan gets back up, but then he gets struck by something red and he falls down again.
Antti's blue eyes widen. "No!"
"Yes." The person who struck Jonathan walks over to Jonathan and looks down at him. "Can you get up?"
Jonathan grunts in pain. "Ack...I can...I can..." He tries to get up, but then falls back down. "...It hurts..."
"Good. Stay down." The person is about to strike Jonathan again, but Antti blocks it with water. "So..." The person turns to look at Antti. "...you want to fight?"
"No," Antti answers strenly. "I want to make peace."
"And the only way to do that is to fight."
"Leave us alone!"
"Never...until I get it my way..." The person looks around. "Wait, where's Crosby?"
"Your people hurt him."
"Awww... Did that blow in the head leave him out for a while or is he just so weak himself?"
Antti sprays a blast of water at the person from his hands.
"Ah, so you do want to fight then..." The person pulls down his black hood. "Well, you're going to fight against the EHP, Evil Hockey Players, most powerful leader, the Master of the EHP: Jimmy Howard!!!"


Well, finally the main villian of AAOOOSC! is revealed. But if you saw the characters list in the beginning, then you would've known who it ways with no surprise.
Stay tune for when Jimmy fights Antti (the Battle of the Masters!)


Awesome! I hope you’ll enjoy them once again! :) And thank you veeeeerrrryyyy much!!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

I am starting to reread these stories over again..wow. Congrats on all of the accomplishments! I had no idea about any of these! Keep up your hard work!

I agree, Caspar Lee! :)))

A Shruinger A Shruinger

yayyyy!!! Future oscar winners!:)

lazyisscoreee lazyisscoreee

Yay! :D We met awesome actors! :DD

A Shruinger A Shruinger