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Chapter 10

In Los Angeles, Jonathan is watching the Canadians vs. Penguins vs. Devils game on his TV, where he sees Sidney getting knocked out by Carey.
"Sidney! Oh my, he doesn't look too good! Don't worry, I'll take you to Niemi!" Jonathan flies over to Newark by his force field.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" Chris asks as Jonathan enters the Devils' visitor's locker room after the first period is over.
"Aren't you suppose to be in LA?" Tyler asks him.
"Well, I'm Sidney's friend and I'm gonna take him--"
"Hey, Vokoun must be a fan of you because he's just as bad as you!" Fleury tells Jonathan.
"Hey!" Vokoun yells at Fleury.
Fleury laughs.
Jonathan crosses his arms. "Hey, not cool, dude."
"Well, it's true."
"Can I take him, then?"
"If you take good care of him," Bylsma tells Jonathan as he enters the room.
"I will. Thanks." Jonathan goes to the medical room and takes Sidney to Antti's house.

"Niemi? Nemo? NEEEEMOOOOO!!!" Jonathan shouts inside his house as he enters it. "Antti! Antti Niemi?! Where are you?! Are you hooooome?" Jonathan sighs and quiets his voice. "Hm...he must be at a game. But I can't interrupt him. But this is an emergency!" Jonathan puts Sidney on the sofa. "Don't move--I'll be right back!" Jonathan runs out from Antti's house and flies over to the SAP Center.

"Coach McLellan! Coach McLellan!" Jonathan shouts as he slips into the Sharks' locker room, where Coach McLellan is.
"What do you want--" He turns to face Jonathan. "Whoa, what are you doing here, Quick?!"
"I'm just wondering if Antti Niemi is here." Jonathan looks out into the room, searching for Antti.
"No, he's not here--In fact, we're looking for him! Do you know where he's at?"
"Uhhh..." Jonathan looks at McLellan. "I just asked you that question."
"Oh, that's right! Well, tell me when you find him, 'cause I need him--the game's about to start."
"Okay, thanks!" Jonathan flies back to Antti's house. "Dang it, where is he?" He looks around the living room and sees at note on the countertop in the kitchen. "Ooo, a note!" Jonathan walks over to the note and picks it up, reading it aloud. "'Shopping List: eggs, salmon, cheese, bread, ice cream, iced tea--stay away from beans aisle!'" Jonathan stares at note weirdly. "This would not work." He turns the note over and reads it. "'Help! I got captured and taken away to the EHP HQs in Detroit! Rescue me!' That's why I can't find him--he's in Detroit! Evil Hockey Players HQs--here I come!" Jonathan blasts to Detroit.


HAHAHAHA!!! Now we are beginning to get close to da action!!!
Stay tune when are fellow heroes meet the person who is behind all of this!!! The Masta of da EHP Society!!!
Why am I talking like a gangsta? Jeg vet ikke.


Awesome! I hope you’ll enjoy them once again! :) And thank you veeeeerrrryyyy much!!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

I am starting to reread these stories over again..wow. Congrats on all of the accomplishments! I had no idea about any of these! Keep up your hard work!

I agree, Caspar Lee! :)))

A Shruinger A Shruinger

yayyyy!!! Future oscar winners!:)

lazyisscoreee lazyisscoreee

Yay! :D We met awesome actors! :DD

A Shruinger A Shruinger