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Chapter 5

In the CONSOL Energy Center, Coach Blysma is talking to the Penguins in the locker room.
"Okay team, I have a special announcement to make!" Blysma tells his team.
"We get to have our pizza party?" Tyler Kennedy asks.
"I know," Marc-André Fleury says, "Vokoun gets kicked out of here!"
"Hey!" Tomas Vokoun shouts.
"And I get to be the only goalie of the Pens while you get traded to the Hurricanes!"
"Maybe our name is going to be changed to the Pittsburgh Gorillas," Chris Kunitz guesses.
"Be queit, be quiet," Blysma orders. "Let me say it and I'm tellin' you that it's none of those guesses."
"Aw, come on, Coach, it's actually a great idea," Fleury tells Blysma.
"Okay, so we got an update on our schedule: Today, we were suppose to play against the Maple Leafs, but now we are going to play against the Canadians instead."
"But we just played against them on Tuesday!" Tyler exclaims.
"And we're going to play against them today again."
"Then can we play the Leafs?" Fleury says.
"Nope, we're also going to play the Canadians on Saturday, after this game."
"Who are we going to play on Monday, then?" Chris asks.
"Oh finally, another team," Tyler says with a sigh of relief.
"Montréal Canadians."
"So, we're just gonna play against them for the rest of the season, right?" Sidney asks.
"Oh, finally you said something, kid," Fleury tells Sidney.
"So we're gonna play against the Canadians for the rest of the season?" Chris asks, repeating Sidney's question.
"Yup," says Blysma confidently.
"Who's gonna be the main goalie?" Fleury asks.
"As always, Fleury, it's you."
"Hey!" Vokoun shouts.
"In ya face! Haha!" Fleury points at Vokoun.
"Okay guys, we should get practicing! To the ice! Go Pens! Whoo!" Blysma pumps his fist in the air and walks out of the locker room.
"We're gonna win this thing," Sidney says.


Sorry about the short chapter, I'm a chapter behind...
Stay tune for the next chapter when the Pens battle the Habs!


Awesome! I hope you’ll enjoy them once again! :) And thank you veeeeerrrryyyy much!!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

I am starting to reread these stories over again..wow. Congrats on all of the accomplishments! I had no idea about any of these! Keep up your hard work!

I agree, Caspar Lee! :)))

A Shruinger A Shruinger

yayyyy!!! Future oscar winners!:)

lazyisscoreee lazyisscoreee

Yay! :D We met awesome actors! :DD

A Shruinger A Shruinger