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Chapter 9

In the New Jersey Devil's visitor's locker room, Coach Bylsma is talking to the Penguins.
"Alright, so here we are, gonna play against the Canadians in the Devils' stadium," Bylsma tells his players.
"But what if the Devils come and see that we're using their rink?" Tyler asks.
Chris shrugs. "They'll just kick us out."
"No, they'll kick Vokoun out," Fleury corrects Chris.
"Hey!" Vokoun shouts at Fleury.
"Or they would want to play against us," Pascal guesses.
"But what about the Canadians?" Brandon asks.
"They'll get kicked out with Vokoun, too," Fleury tells Brandon.
"Okay, okay, lets just go and do this thing! Go Penguins!" Bylsma shouts, pumping two fists in the air.
Everyone skates onto the ice, where the Canadians are already at, practicing their shots. After everyone's done practicing, they get into their positions, and a NHL official comes to the center ice.
"And let the game begin!" the official tells the players.
He was about to drop the puck when four Devils skate onto the ice.
"Hold up, hold up!" Martin Brodeur shouts. "What in this stadium is going on?!"
"What does it look like to you?" Fleury asks, pulling off his helmet.
"It looks like you're using our ice without permission!" David Clarkson says.
"Yea, don't you guys have your own stadium?" Patrik Elias asks.
"Well, um, it says so on NHL.com," Tyler tells the Devils.
"Really?! Let me see!" Adam Henrique skates over to Fleury and takes his iPhone away.
"That's mine, dude! Not cool!" Fleury shouts at Adam.
Adam goes to the NHL Game Center app and sees the game info. "Oh my gosh, you are right! Weird...."
"Yea, weird is right!" Chris tells Adam.
Meanwhile at the benches...
"Tell your little Canadians to get out of my arena," Coach DeBoer of the Devils tells the Canadian's coach, Coach Therrien.
"I'm--I'm sorry, I can't--it says so on the website!" Therrien tells DeBoer.
"Y'know, I can take my players out, if it make things a bit easier," Bylsma tells the two coaches.
"NO!" Carey shouts from the ice.
"Price! Shut up!" Therrien snaps at Carey.
"GET OUTTA HERE--NOW!!!" DeBoer bellows at Therrien.
"Okay, okay, if you don't want my team to get out, then we can make this a unique game and let all of us play against each other!" Bylsma suggests.
"That's against the rules!" the NHL official tells Bylsma.
"Who cares!" shouts DeBoer. "We got three teams and I like that idea! Let's do this!"

About five minutes later, everyone is in their positions with another goal net in the middle.
"Okay, so here is who scores on who:" a NHL Official starts, "Penguins shoot at the Devil's net, Devils shoot at the Canadian's net and the Canadians shoot at the Penguin's net. I hope that won't confuse any of you folks and play fair! Now play!" He drops the puck and everyone starts playing.
"Thanksh a lot, uh Carey! Now we gotta play againsh two teamsh!" Giroux tells Carey.
"Don't worry, I'll get Crosby." Carey grumbles. "Just play."
"And ya better not let any pucksh uh go--"
"AND GOAL BY MARTIN BRODEUR; HIS 4TH CAREER GOAL!!!" the announcer shouts while the sirens and horns go off.
"WHAAAA?!" Carey shouts as he turns around. There was the puck right behind him. He growls.
Everyone gets back to position and continues playing.
"Claude!" Carey shouts.
Giroux skates over to Carey again. "Wha?"
"Let's get outta here--I got another plan."
"Oh you n' yer--"
Carey drags Giroux across the ice and swinging his goalie stick in the air.
"Dude, what are you doing?!" Sidney asks Carey. "You're gonna hurt someone like that!"
"Oh yea, maybe someone like you!" Carey whacks his stick across Sidney's head, knocking him out.
"Hey! You heard what the zebra dude said: play fair!" Tyler shouts at Carey; he was referring to the NHL official.
"Giroux," Carey starts, walking off the ice, "take me to San Jose."


Let's see what's gonna happen when AAOOSC! returns!!!


Awesome! I hope you’ll enjoy them once again! :) And thank you veeeeerrrryyyy much!!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

I am starting to reread these stories over again..wow. Congrats on all of the accomplishments! I had no idea about any of these! Keep up your hard work!

I agree, Caspar Lee! :)))

A Shruinger A Shruinger

yayyyy!!! Future oscar winners!:)

lazyisscoreee lazyisscoreee

Yay! :D We met awesome actors! :DD

A Shruinger A Shruinger