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I want you to stay

Downtown Montreal

Once she stepped outside into the freezing winter air she was glad she wore a coat. It wasnt something new to her, she should know better being from New England. Its basically south Canada with all the snow and cold weather.

“So what brought you to Montreal? Im guessing youre not from here,” He smirked.
She laughed, “what gave me away?”
“Well for starters, you would've known better than to wear that satanic clothing if you were from montreal, and your accent is kinda funny,”
She smiled sheepishly, “Boston born and raised. But I wanted to travel somewhere for college, so I applied to McGill and here I am studying business management.,”
“Kayla's at McGill, for art or something,” He stated thinking, “yeah i think thats what it is,” “Wow you are such a great brother,” she teased.
“Hey I got it eventually!” He chuckled, “Thats good enough for me,”
She giggled, “I guess thats alright, I mean my brothers never remember how old I am,”
“Im not that bad,” He grinned.

The walked on, he showed her buildings and stores that she never found time to explore herself. She found herself constantly smiling and laughing. He had a sarcastic sense of humor, just like she. He found himself having fun too. Her reactions to all the new things were spontaneous and cute.

“What is this?” She said outraged, “How come you have fucking swings for bus benches here and we dont have these in Boston?!”
He laughed at her genuinely upset expression. “Yet Another reason why Canada is better than the US,” he grinned
She stuck her tongue out, “Yeah right,”
“You'll see,” He nodded assuringly.

Then walked on in the snow and suddenly he grabbed her hand and tugged her over towards a little cart.
“Where are we going?” she quizzed
“patience young grasshopper,” He smirked mischiviously.
“Everything is a surprise with you isnt it?” She crossed her arms, watching him with a smile. “Puis-je avoir la poutine?” [can I have some poutine?] he said slickly.

The man nodded. Hayley just watched him dumbfounded. She did not speak any french. However she was fluent in spanish. As if that would be useful now. The man handed him a plate of God knows what.
“Merci,” [thank you] Carey smiled warmly before taking the plate, “come try this,”
“What is it?” She asked eyeing him carefully. “its just poutine, fries gravy and cheese. try it, its good.” He grinned.

She nodded and took some, taking a bite. It was actually really good, better than she imagined.
“you like it, i can see it in your eyes,” he smirked victoriously.
She laughed and took another fry, “i do,”
“now youre an official canadian,” Carey joked.
“Youve transformed me into a whole new person,” she giggled, “ill have to stop saying wicked and start saying eh,”
“Youre learning quickly,” he nodded in approval.

They sat at a bench sharing the food. He tried to teach her something french upon her request, but her pronounciation was off. it was thoroughly entertaining. Carey laughed each time a bird would come up and try to take the food out of Hayley's hands.
“no no, this is not yours sir,” she claimed swatting the bird away.
“I dont think it cares,” he snickered when it came back.
“ugh, i guess not,” she groaned turning away as it got closer.

When they finished they continued their walk. There was alot to see in Montreal. Hayley loved it. The only trouble was a lot of signs in french.
“you know youre a really good french speaker,” she complimented.
“why thank you,” he smiled, “do you speak french?”
“nope,” she snorted, "spanish was required at my school. my oldest brother Stephen is the only one who speaks french out of us,”
“how come?” he asked curiously.

She breathed in cool air, “hes in the army, he was stationed in france for a while so he learned,”
“Do you see him much?”
“no, not really, after his initial entry he decided to stay so hes been out in the field for a couple years. he comes home for 3 weeks every year,” she explained.
He found her life interesring, “what about your other siblings?”
“I have 2 other older brothers Will and Joseph. Will is a economist and Joey is an accountant,” She smiled thinking about them, “thats all they really do. what about you? Is it just you and Kayla?”

“yeah, my parents could barely take the two of us,” he snickered, “i was the model child, Kayla was trouble,”
She errupted into laughter, “Carey!”
He shrugged grinning, “its true,”


“well youre set if you need something to fall back on, just open a tour service,” she smiled when they got to the door.
“I could make Kayla my secratary,” he snickered
“i see it now.” she giggled, “thanks for the tour, I had a lot of fun,”
“me too,” he grinned, “We shoild go another day, when its nicer out,”
“sounds like a plan,” she smiled.


Hiii, i stole my neighbors wifi! anyway sorry for formatting and i used google translate so the french is probably wrong but i tried. anyway hope you like it thanks


Please update soon :-)

RaeO RaeO

I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

Bruins17 Bruins17

HEPPY BERTHDEY <3 \ ^.^ / partayyyy

i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

Habs33 Habs33

This is really good!! keep writing!