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I want you to stay


It had been 2 weeks since Carey and Hayley first hung out. They talked a lot and even spent more time together. It wasn't anything romantic quite yet, but Hayley had a feeling in her gut as if something was going to happen soon. There were a couple close calls where she thought he was going to kiss her, but nothing yet. That was fine with her, she didn't waste time freaking out over it. She just went with the flow of things as usual.

Carey meanwhile was going crazy. He found his mind drifting to her when he should've been warming up, wondering if she was watching him back in Montreal. He always convinced himself she would be, so he played better. He really liked her, but she made him something he rarely became: nervous. He always wanted to ask her on an actual date, but then he'd feel nerves and chicken out. Carey Price does not chicken out of anything... so how could some girl he met mere weeks ago change that?

Kayla noticed, but never said a word about it. Carey had told her that he had started talking to her and what not. Of course he would tell her, they were really close. When she quizzed Carey about Hayley and found out she went to McGill as well, she practicallg went on manhunt. Kayla not so accidently ran into Hayley and started up a conversation. She approved of Carey's “friend”.

Tonight Hayley was working again. Surprise surprise. She had been getting tired of David's antics. Carey helped her realize how bad that David treated her. She knew he disliked David, but who didn't? It had been hard for Hayley the past months. A month before her graduation her mother and she were in a car accident. Her mother never got to see her graduate. Then, she had to move away from her family by herself. She had been going through an emotional roller coaster until she gave up and just dealt with everything. She found herself not caring how David treated her. Until Carey came along. He was so sweet and considerate and made her smile. She was never scared of him. She realized that if Carey could be so nice then there was no reason David couldn't be a little more.... hospitible or at least tolerable.

This time when David grabbed her, she stood up for herself.
“Get your hands off me,” She growled shoving him away.
He was dumbfounded, since when was she like this?
“Excuse me,” He scowled, “what was that for?”
“For treating me like crap all these months,” she explained, “im tired of it, not if you excuse me I have a bar to tend,”
He glared at her while she exited. She was scared inside, but she refused to show it. She entered the floor and got to work churning out drinks faster than she ever had. She could see the tip jar filling. It made her forget the steaming angry boss stsnding yards away.

It was fun tonight, the DJ was playing good songs and Hayley was dancing to “Wiggle” with her only friend at the bar, Chelsea.

“Geez this bartender is so slow,” someone heckled. The deep voice was so recognizable and she found herself smiling before she looked to see who it was. Carey was leaning against the bar with a mischievious grin.
“Hey,” she greeted.
He looked amused. “you sure look like you're having fun,”
“oh you know me, living the dream,” she laughed, “whats up with you?”
“Celebrating,” he explained.
“keep up the streak Price, you guys bring in more customers for me,” she said.
“Ill see what I can do,” he grinned.

“good. Now what do you guys want tonight? the usual?” she asked
“Nah PK wants vodka. he thinks he can down acouple shots,”
“how many is he thinking he can do?” she asked amused.
Carey sighed, “5 or 6,”
“geez i thought you wanted to have fun, not kill yourselves,“ she snorted
. “its what he wants,” Carey shook his head, “dont worry, ill supervise,“
“wow that makes me feel so much better,” she said sarcastically.
He chuckled, “are you doubting my abilities?”
“nope, never,” she snickered pouring the drinks.

She gave them to him and he went off to the table. His eyes wandered over and he saw her arguing with Davis or whatever his name was. It made Carey mad. After they fought she started to stomp back to her station. He grabbed her waist and tried to kiss her. She slapped him hard. Then she continued to return to her place. He yelled at her but she ignored him. It was too loud to hear what they were yelling about, but Carey had a pretty good idea. If he was annoyed before then he was very mad now. The thought of him kissing her made him cringe.

“Where ya going Pricey?” PK asked before he took his first shot.
Carey didn't know he had been up until PK said something, but it was too late now. PK followed him, but the rest of the team continued to drink. Carey found David easily, trying to slink down a hallway to the staff room. David saw him coming and stopped in his tracks looking slightly concerned. Carey was no push over at 6'3” and over 200lbs.

“What do you want?” David snapped


okay so this is going to have to be in 2 parts because its sorta longer than I anticipated.... Ill hopefully have the other half up tonight since this was supposed to be one chapter in all. thank you to everyone who subscribed or commented or voted:) i love you all. more comments would be appriciated as i aim to take requests and please people. hopefully see you soon with another update!


Please update soon :-)

RaeO RaeO

I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

Bruins17 Bruins17

HEPPY BERTHDEY <3 \ ^.^ / partayyyy

i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

Habs33 Habs33

This is really good!! keep writing!