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I want you to stay

Wiggle (part 2)

“What do I want?” Carey rose his eyebrows, “I want you to keep your fucking hands off of her,”
PK stood at Carey's side, not interrupting but ready to stand in if his best friend decided to get into some trouble. Carey and PK always had eachother's backs. Hayley was working unaware that there was a confrontation going down.

“Whatre you gonna get your hockey team to come beat me up?” David snorted.
Carey smirked, “I could, but I'd rather do it myself. and Thats not a threat, its a promise,”
The tone in Pricey's voice was serious and everyone knew it.
David's jaw tightened as he glared, “im not scared of you,”
“thats fine I dont need some prick pervert who takes advantage of girls to be afraid of me,” Carey shrugged.

Hayley scanned the club mindlessly until her eyes landed on a certain trio. Her eyes went wide and she hopped over the bar as she cursed under her breath.
“Whats happening here?” She questioned suspiciously.
“Were just talking,” David growled.
She glared at him suspiciously.
“its okay,” Carey soothed placing a hand on her back.
She visably relaxed while her boss only tensed up more at the sight.

“My shift is over, Im going home,” she stated calmly.
“alright go,” He growled.
Both guys sent him deadly looks.
“C'mon, we'll take you home,” Carey said softly as he grabbed her hand in his.
“you dont have to-” She started when they got outside.
“its fine,” he smiled.
“Im PK,” PK introduced himself rather cheerfully as they walked down the sidewalk.
Carey rolled his eyes playfully.
“Im quite aware,” she snickered, “Im Hayley,”

PK wanted so bad to tease Carey but didnt because he knew hed get hit and Carey really liked her so he didnt want to interfere. Once she left it was fair game however. The ride home was short and rather quiet. it was a comfortable silence though. Just enough for PK to fall asleep in the back.
“Thank you,” Hayley smiled.
“anytime blondie,” he grinned as they hugged.
“Bye, and tell PK that it was nice to meet him,” She added.
He laughed, “maybe, his ego is big enough though,”


Something needed to give. Hayley knew since that night that she needed to start looking elsewhere for a job. David hadnt been up to his usual shananagans but that was fine with her. Hayley decided to put in job appliccations everywhere. Of course she wasnt having luck because she was only 18. But she did have experience in business. Her uncle owned a resturaunt which she worked at since she was 11. They let her manage part time when she was 16. Management was her forte, people just didnt know it.

Then she heard of a management internshhip at an italian resturant downtown. It was run by the school for business managers and the pay was more than the bar. She had to talk to one of her classmates who helped coordinate it. The girl was someone shed seen in many classes but never talked to.

“Hello, are you Mary?” Hayley asked politely.
The girl looked up from her coffee and laptop, “thats me, what can i help you with?”
“um i was wondering where i could apply for the business management internship?”
she nodded “i have the form, i can email it to you,”
“thatd be great,”
They exchanged emails and the girl sent her everything. Hayley didnt have trouble and finished rather quickly.

“hey do you wanna go get frozen yogurt?“ Hayley asked in an attempt to make a friend otther than Carey.
“yeah thatd be cool.” She grinned showing off perfecfly straight white teeth.
Her eyes shown with a bright greenish blue hue that complimented her light skin. When she stood her taller slender frame was on display. Her light brown hair sat on top of her head in a neat bun. Hayleys wavy blonde hair fell in waves that couldnt be tamed easily, unlike Marys hair which looked perfect. She just looked professional.

They walked with their stuff through campus. As they talked Hayley realized a light accent. It was foreign, maybe russian.
“where are you from?” Hayley asked
“new york, but my parents both grew up in Minsk,”
”thats the capital of Belarus right?” Hayley questioned.
Mary applauded, “very good. im impressed,”
The more Hayley and Mary talked, the more they realized they had alot in common. They liked the same movies: comedies and superhero, listened to the same music: avicii, imagine dragons, and had the same favorite flavor yogurt: strawberry. it was like love at first sight. By the time they left the yogurt place they had eachothers numbers and were like old friends.
“i promise ill call you asap,“ Mary called across the parkinglot.
“thank you, see ya tomorrow,” Hayley waved grinning


ugh i am beyond tired. my bday is in a few days, so comment as my birthday present and also forr the facf i spent around 6 hours writing this chapter. goodnight everyone:)


Please update soon :-)

RaeO RaeO

I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

Bruins17 Bruins17

HEPPY BERTHDEY <3 \ ^.^ / partayyyy

i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

Habs33 Habs33

This is really good!! keep writing!