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Rhythm of Love

Chapter 004: On Cloud Daniel

[Monologue #4]

Why do you say we're friends and then go away? Is that what true friendship is? Almost like a rose. We're fiery red and spicy. Very hot at first, but it soon darkens and we fade away. Just like our lovely friendship.

Being hung on my nealy-dead dad and lost boyfriend wasn't doing me any good, mentally. I thought drinking would number the pain away and make me feel alive, even if it were only for a night. A night was all I needed. I wanted to see and feel what it was like to be human, without being so god damn sad and mad all the time. This depressed feeling where I only wanted to be alone and didn't want anyone to help was eating at me inside. It wasn't the smartest move, but hey, I'm not the smartest person in the world.

Alcohol. I needed more alcohol. It made me feel good inside. When drunk I felt so invincible. I could do anything. That was not true though.

This club was amazing. All of the smoke was being moved around the room along with all of the body heat. People were dancing. The DJ had some Avicii song blasting through his high-tech speakers. It brought me back to when I would go out with the crew and dance at clubs, randomly. We enjoyed putting on surprise shows, sometimes we were welcome; occasionally we ended up being chased out.

* * *

Flashback. September 6th, 2010. Los Angeles, California. Amnesia Nightclub.

"Cloud, come on let's do this!" Scott yelled. Cloud is what his crew had called Daniel for a nickname. The DJ had some bumping music playing. The boys decided to do some dancing publicly tonight. I tagged along.

I watched Daniel do his attractive b-boy dancing with Chucks, (Tyson's nickname). People cheered and watched them impressed. "Yo Bright, you wanna show off something next?" Scott asked. I grinned, mischievously.

After the two were done. I went and did my thing. I always thought that I was meant to be an entertainer. Daniel looked on while biting his lip. I was moving slowly and brought him to dance with me. I moved around him seductively. We soon did our Duo X2 routine. It was slightly sexual.

After our dancing, our faces finished closely together. Grins spread across our faces. "Okay you two, no sex on the dance floor." Syke escorted us off, jokingly. People shared laughs and cheered.

Before Scott could do his thing the security came in through the crowds. "Go! Go! Securities here!" Daniel yelled behind me. I was pushing and shoving through everybody in my way. I felt Daniel's hand on my right shoulder. The rest of the guys ran in different directions. I found the closest exit, which was somewhere in the back. I ended up in a back alley.

"Ry, they're still coming. Follow me!" He said as he took my hand in his. He pulled me behind this gross dumpster.

He pulled me down to his level, which was nearly on the ground. "Daniel, this is so gross." He held me so close to him. This gave me such a rush. This was how our relationship was. There was never a dull moment. I was completely in love with him.

"Shh, babe." He placed his hand over my mouth as someone walked by.

"I know the two of you lovebirds came back here!" What we assumed was one of the security guards, yelled.

"This is LAPD. I'm Sgt. Moore, if you don't come out we'll have to find you." One of the supposedly cops yelled. His flashlight scanned the alley.

I really needed to laugh right now.

After a while they left the alley and gave up. We were now standing in the creepy-dark alley. I turned around to Daniel and we bursted out laughing together. "I love you so much." He said softly. I smiled and snuggled into his chest.

"I love you too, Daniel." I looked up at him and kissed him.

"Now we should probably go make sure the rest of them didn't get in trouble from the po-po." We chuckled together, happily.

* * *

Current time. June 3rd, 2012.

I was so dizzy and disoriented. I felt so wobbly and had a migraine. Where the hell was I? The only thing I could process was the fact that I was so fucking hot.

"Rydell? Rydell! Are you okay?" Someone asked from in front of me. My vision was awful. It sounded like a male, but what did I know? I was drunk. I may have been blacked out for that matter. I was a low-life. Alway drinking away my problems. I would not remember this tomorrow.

I needed to puke.

* * *

I brought the blanket up to my face and snuggled in more. I heard someone open the door and the door clicked shut. Right then and there I got up quickly. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room to see him. Where the hell was I? Why was he in this room with me?

"Good morning, sunshine." He spoke with a tray of breakfast in his hands.

My head was throbbing. My migraine was killing me right now. My vision was so poor. I had such a difficult trying to process everything right now. I was so sick to my stomach. Thank you, hangover.

"What are you doing here?" I immediately grabbed one of the elastics from my wrist and put my monstrous hair up in a messy bun. He didn't need to see me like a slob.

"You probably were blacked out. I found you at the club last night. You were pretty drunk." He placed the tray on the night stand next to the bed. "I made sure you found your way somewhere safe, at least." He explained. He took a seat on the edge of the bed.

I knew I owed him something. If he hadn't come who knows what could have happened to me. I should be grateful. "Thank you, Carey." I paused and took my tray of food. "My spiderman." I joked. I let out a sigh, as I stared at my breakfast.

"What's wrong? You don't like it?" He asked worried. Sometimes I really hated myself. I was so awful, but yet so many people were so polite to me still. Why do they put up with me?

"It's not that. It's the fact that you're so nice to me, but I'm a complete bitch to you. I'm sorry. I don't even deserve you getting me breakfast." I ranted. Yes, I finally admitted my rights and wrongs.

"It's fine, really." He insisted. "Don't say that about yourself. You're a really nice person, but very stubborn sometimes." Always trying to think positive, Carey.

"Carey, where are we exactly?" I needed to change the subject. Plus, I had to make sure we weren't somewhere very dead and unknown. You can never be too safe. You had to remember that us two were still acquaintances.

"The Radisson Hotel." He answered, while getting up. "Oh that reminds me. I hope you don't find me weird for doing this, but I lent you some clothes to sleep in and the hotel did your laundry this morning. Your clothes are in the bathroom." He explained with a cheeky smile on his face. I turned my head a little.

I paused unsure of how to respond. "Uh--Um-- alright then." I managed to say. "Thanks again. Now tell me, what were you doing at a club?" I asked with a grin. He didn't seem like the type to go out and party. I was now eating my high class breakfast.

"I was with a friend. He took a girl back to his room. I was on my way to leave when I seen you. We just came in for the night to have some guy time." I watched him run his hands through his dark black hair.


"Yeah, well I'll be downstairs in the workout room if you need me. I have a late check out. Say maybe, 2pm-ish." He stood by the door and soon walked out of it.

My life was fucked.


A/N: Whoever clicked the link in my notes last chapter. Thank you. Sorry I didn't post the last 3 days, I was watching hockey and playing basketball. I wanted to ask you guys 3 questions. One last statement I guess you would call it: I do NOT correct or re-read my stories.

Q1: Nazem Kadri or Tyler Bozak? (looks or personality, doesn't matter).
Q2: Your playoff teams? Or your favorite team?

Q3: Do any of you have Instagram?


i've now reposted it on the site with a new and improved cover!:)
brm9 brm9
yeah it's crazy. im trying to find a job at the moment as well. in the last like three weeks i only have half a chapter written too. haha. oh well!
brm9 brm9
I know how you feel. I've finished high school and been completely busy with public exams and now I'm focusing on university and finding a job!! It's been a crazy month. I have half a chapter wrote for my story, and I'm too busy to finish it. Haha. BUT, that being said... I'm so happy you have new updates :D

& to whoever else reads this. it no longer lets log in so idk what's wrong with it, i've tried everything. but i have posted it all on here here. http://www.wattpad.com/story/5064751-rhythm-of-love !!! :) i'll be posting it on mibba. & if you're interested im currently writing like three stories. its crazy. but they won't be posted until they're nearly done!
brm9 brm9
Cutest chapter ever... mooooooooooore please <3