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Rhythm of Love

Chapter 006: A Depressed-Heartbroken Couple

"It's been so long since I've been out here." The Okanagan Lake was so nice in June. The way the sun shined on the crystal lake. The beautiful lanky trees creeped on the lake. Hidden houses were beneath the trees.

"It is beautiful isn't it?" Carey had been steering his first-class boat. It was fancy and had all of the best gadgets: fish detectors, a nice engine, a nice speaker and stereo and a very beautiful interior. It was very different from the boat my family owned.

"Very." I was lost in a trance.

"Do you have more songs other than the one I heard you singing?" He asked looking over at me. I was sitting on the front of the boat, letting the wind brush my hair around.

"Yes, I have lots." I chuckled. It was true, I had way too many. A lot of them were only for my ears. Daniel would always listen to them. He loved listening to me sing and play guitar, but it's not like he remembered them now. I was just the past that never exsisted to him now.

"You should write me one." He suggested. A song about Carey Price. What would I sing about?

"I don't know." I joked. His nice black hair waved back and forth in the wind.

"I'm going to park here, okay?" He said as he slowed down in the middle of the lake. After a while the water calmed down.

After the water calmed down it was so quiet. Carey came to sit by me and looked out towards the lake. "Can I ask you a question?" I spoke.

"Of course."

I didn't want to hold this back anymore. A lot of people didn't know this about me. "You know Daniel right? The one from my story." I asked, reminiscing over earlier.

"Yeah..." He trailed off, staring lmake eye contact, but I could feel his eyes on me.

"Daniel was my boyfriend and the song was about him. Over a year ago Daniel got into an accident and lost his memory. Including me..." I spoke as my heart ached. "I met him after he broke up with his girlfriend Jennifer. That was two months after getting to California. He was there to start his musical and video career. We were so in love. We were supposed to be forever. I was engaged to him at the time of the accident. He didn't remember me, but he did remember him and Jen. He got back with her after three months. We tried to work us out, but he didn't remember me. He remembered dancing and everything else. That's his life now. His mom told me that he says it's the only thing he knows is true and the same. I still have such a hard time getting over him." I said as a tear trickled down my cheek.

I could tell that Carey was all ears. "Rydell, that explains so much about you. I realize why you like being distant and why you pushed me away. But I understand how hard it must have been. I mean my ex-fiancée, Angela left me. She was sick of hockey. Now I'm left with a ring and a broken heart." He attempted to joke. But it was no use. I knew he was hurting.

"We're just the perfect depressed-heartbroken couple, aren't we?" I joked with tears sliding down, slowly. Our chuckles were in sync.

"Want to drink to trying to get over our exes? I have beers in the console." He told me and I nodded letting him know I was in.

"This is the first time I've been happy like this in forever..." I trailed off.

* * *

I sat next to my dad's bed. He was laying there and listening to my stories. The same old, dead hospital room was very depressing. "Dad, you know the boy next door, right?" I decided to ask.

"Yeah, the goalie." He replied.

"I think he's a very nice guy. He reminds me of Daniel a lot. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing." I said while playing with my fingers. They were both so caring and funny. I felt that they actually cared about me. Never once I would see them leaving. Carey, was just like him.

"Yeah, he's very polite. Just don't use him because he brings you back to Daniel. I mean I know you miss him. I do too. He was so nice and had so many great ambitions." He smiled at me.

"I won't."

"Now, shall we play a game of Scrabble?" He asked with a happy smirk. I swear my dad was obsessed with Scrabble. I lost every single time. Probably because my vocabulary wasn't as big as his. I still had a lot to learn.

* * *

Flashback. December 18th, 2010. Oyama, B.C. Downtown Oyama.

The street lights were hanging over the streets. Usually in B.C. we didn't have a long winter, being out east and all. But we were in the midst of a snow storm. Daniel had come back to Canada to visit my family for part of the holidays. It was hilarious watching him with snow. He was from Florida and loved the warm weather.

I could tell he was freezing. The snow was coming down and the streets were dead in Oyama tonight. Who wanted to drive in weather like this? The few stores we had didn't have business on days like this.

We walked in the middle of the street. In all honest, we didn't really care. "Okay, I'm freezing." He stated as he grabbed my hand to try share body heat. I giggled at him. His cold hands were cute. I told him to dress for the weather, he didn't listen though. That was the consequences.

"Daniel, you're a baby." I stuck out my tongue, playfully. My parka hood was pulled up over my head. I took off my gloves and had them in my pocket because I was playing with the snow earlier. My winter boots were tied on.

"Why did you tell your mom that we would walk to the store? We should have drove, Ry." He pouted. He was hysterical when he whined. His thin jacket, thin gloves and shoes weren't going to cut it up here.

"Because I love watching you suffer."

"You're so nice." He joked as he walked ahead of me a little bit. I trailed behind a little bit, admiring our time together.

"Want to have a snow ball fight, Daniel?" I hollered from behind. I really wanted to bother him. He was just so fun sometimes.

The little snowflakes came one after another. "No, my hands will fall off." He sternly said as he kept walking. He was a little mad now. I knew it. He never stayed mad for long though. For some reason he never stayed mad at me for more than 24 hours.

"Are you giving me the cold shoulder?" I pretended to be hurt by his immature actions. I decided to make up and run up to him to wrap my arms around him. "I'm only kidding, babe." I told him as our bodies were together.

"I know. I'm just a little cold. But I still love my small-town Canadian." He smiled down at me and pecked me on the lips. My lips were so dry, along with his. Reminder: pick up chapstick at the grocery store.

"Love you too, my big-city American." I joked and he just laughed.


A/N: Okay, so this is my friends favorite chapter. Yeah, I let her read them before I post them up.

Oh any Bruins fans that read this. Are jealous that the Leafs won lastnight?! OPTIMUS REIM I TELL YA. Okay. I'm done. But seriously lastnight for hockey was awesome. Redwings won, Leafs won, & Washington won. I don't really like the kings, not gonna lie.

Anyways does anyone know any amazing romance movies? Or romance/love songs (of any genre)?


i've now reposted it on the site with a new and improved cover!:)
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yeah it's crazy. im trying to find a job at the moment as well. in the last like three weeks i only have half a chapter written too. haha. oh well!
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I know how you feel. I've finished high school and been completely busy with public exams and now I'm focusing on university and finding a job!! It's been a crazy month. I have half a chapter wrote for my story, and I'm too busy to finish it. Haha. BUT, that being said... I'm so happy you have new updates :D

& to whoever else reads this. it no longer lets log in so idk what's wrong with it, i've tried everything. but i have posted it all on here here. http://www.wattpad.com/story/5064751-rhythm-of-love !!! :) i'll be posting it on mibba. & if you're interested im currently writing like three stories. its crazy. but they won't be posted until they're nearly done!
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Cutest chapter ever... mooooooooooore please <3