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Project Blackhawk (or The Blackhawk Experiment)

The “New Normal”

As soon as they reappeared in the Wells Fargo Center, they were all grabbed by one of Pronger’s minions. It had been a trap or a set up. But what did Pronger have up his sleeve and how did he know? Dave, Brandon and Andrew were once more confused. Jonathan kicked and elbowed and struggled to get free of his captor, but three more, including a familiar face in Zac Rinaldo smothered his attempts.

“Welcome back to Prongerville, Jonny Boy. Good you came to the right place...and you’re just in time!” Rinaldo sneered. “Tie him up and put him with Tyler and Patrick!”

The other three men followed the assistant to Pronger and bound Jonathan’s wrists behind his back and then tied his legs together at the ankles. Then they dragged him out of the room. Jonathan screamed. “Dave! Shawzy! Brandon! DO SOMETHING!!” And with that, he vanished from the room, his screaming echoing and slowly fading as he was pulled away.

Rinaldo cackled, wearing a sinister grin on his face. He turned to the trio now. “Pronger didn’t say anything about you three, but if you are with that Blackhawk, you’re against Pronger, so I guess...uh...why don’t you guys take them to the Solitary prison room - aka: the locker room - and lock ‘em inside. Can’t have them running free and going to save their cute little Captain now, can we?”

“You won’t get away with this! We’ll stop you! You don’t know how to kill Kaner and Tazer and you NEVER will! You can’t!” Andrew blurted out, bravely.

“Pronger knows. He was playing you the whole time. Are you idiots? He’s seen the past and the future, he knows how to kill them and he totally will!” Rinaldo boasted.

“Then how will he do it?” Dave countered.

Rinaldo snorted. “Why would I tell you?! I’m not stupid.”

“Didn’t call you stupid. But since you’ll get away with it or at least you are so positive that you will get away with it, why not just tell us?” Dave retorted.

“You got a point there pesty-looking one! Alright, I’ll tell you. Pronger’s secret of how to kill “the Kazer” is by starting at the beginning. He’s going after their births - going back to when they were just little tiny babies fresh out of the womb - and, because he’s Pronger Master of All Evil, he’s taking along the two Hawks so that they can watch him kill them and then they’ll vanish forever and ever and he’ll kill Tyler Seguin and then probably you three, unless you submit to him and worship him!”

“NEVER!” Andrew snarled, stomping on Rinaldo foot.

Rinaldo didn’t flinch, he only laughed. “Have fun. Lock ‘em away!”

Dave, Brandon and Andrew were led out of the room and down to the locker room. Along the way, they passed by Burish, who had his head up high and was gleaming.

“You fucking traitor Burish!” Andrew snapped.

They were shoved into the locker room and the door slammed shut and they heard the lock click in place, trapping them inside.

“How the hell are we gonna get out of this? We have to save Kaner and Tazer...and now Tyler Seguin...?” Brandon stated.

“Yeah,” Dave agreed. “We do, but how are we gonna get out of here now?”

“I don’t know, but we have to do something!” Andrew exclaimed. “This is all my fault!”

“No, Shawzy it’s not. It’s Pronger’s!! It’s his blind jealousy for Kaner’s game-winner in the Final!” Dave snapped.

Andrew kicked at the door and then began banging on it furiously and making quite a boisterous chorus of noises. Brandon sat down in one of the stalls and covered his eyes. He muttered something to himself.

“I won’t give up! Kazer won’t die!! No!! Never!!” Andrew screamed, as he kicked and punched the door.

Dave stood up on the stalls and tested the ceiling tiles but none of them were loose. He gave up and dropped back down, plopping into a stall and shaking his head. He was dumbfounded. Pronger was going to take over the world and win. “Forget is Andrew, this is the “New” Normal...Pronger’s won...”

Just when all of the hope seemed to vanish, the locker room door swung open. Andrew was in shock, but backed up as a black figure entered the room. It pulled it’s mask off….

“John Tavares?” Andrew gasped.

John nodded, keeping a stern look on his face.

“But we thought you were--? Didn’t Kessel...Kessel killed you?”

“He attempted to, but it’s an awesome thing to play dead...I was able to get out alive and I nursed myself back to health and I’ve been spying on Pronger and keeping low for the time. When I heard about you three, I figured it was time to act and its time to commit some pretty legendary hero-ing! Are you in?”

“For defeating Pronger?” Dave asked.

“Hells yes! No one knows I’m alive and I plan to keep it like that for some time. Now, come with me and let’s see about stopping Pronger!”

Dave, Brandon and Andrew shared looks and nodded. But Andrew halted them all in place. “How do we know he’s really Tavy?”

“Tyler’s my best friend and he’s in danger.”

Andrew shook his head and folded his arms over his chest. “Not good enough.”

“I was once the Islanders’ Captain and I scored my first goal on Fleury on October 3, 2009 against the Penguins!”

There was a brief moment of hesitation, before Andrew threw his arms down and nodded. “Okay, I’m sold. Let’s go!”

John led them out of the locker room and making sure that they were being sneaky, they made it to a secret tunnel, which took them outside, but out of the way of all the action.

“So where is Pronger keeping Patrick and Jonathan and Tyler?”

“In some special prison. It was where Kessel tortured me. It over there, but we’re going to team up with a few other people first. Jamie Benn, Brandon Saad, - Shawzy, I think you know who he is - Gabriel Landeskog, Nathan MacKinnon, and someone even I fear on the ice sometimes, Ryan Getzlaf.”

“Not Getzlaf!” Brandon Bollig whined.

“Yup, but don’t worry, he’s all for going against Pronger!”

“In one timeline he was a teammate of Pronger’s, right?” Dave stated.

John nodded. “Right, so he can help us to expose a weakness in the mighty tyrant! Also Getzy a cool guy, he knows what’s right and what’s wrong. And he hates Pronger’s guts right now.”

They made it to the parking garage and made it to the third level, where the group was standing, waiting for them.

“There he is!” Getzlaf exclaimed. “Always trust an Islander to be on time!”

“Hey, I don’t remember you coming to help me out to make things go by faster, Getz? Next time you handle breaking into the Wells Fargo Center and freeing three people from a locked locker room!”

Getzlaf snorted but nodded his head. He knew better than to argue with the truth.

Brandon and Andrew made eye-contact with one another. Brandon darted forward, apparently still under the assumption that Andrew was his lover. “SHAWZY!!” he squealed. He wrapped his arms around his friend and hugged him tightly. “I’m so glad to see you again!! Sharpie’s still a big meanie and he pranked me more, but then Tavy showed up and saved me...that’s your role though! Shawzy’s supposed to save Saader from mean Sharpie and wicked Coach Therrien and Captain Kessy!”

“Saader, are you a baby?”

“No, why?”

“Cause you sound like Reims from Toronto...also, GET OFF! We aren’t in love! God, how much clearer can I be?”

Brandon Saad’s lip began to quiver and tears entered his eyes.

“Ah, fudge, Saader don’t cry, come on. You’re still my best friend, but we’re not lovers. That’s - holy crap - that’s Jonny and Kaner!” Andrew stated.

Brandon sniffled and hung his head.

“Saader, come on, don’t be so (wait, for it) saad!”

(Bah dum tss!)

“Bad joke, Shawzy,” Brandon Bollig scoffed, punching him in the shoulder.

“Come on, we have to save Tyler!!” Jamie remarked.

“We’ll get him, Jamie, don’t worry,” John told the Dallas Star. “Is everyone ready though. We only got one shot at this. Pronger has my time pad as you know!”

“We’re ready Tavares!” Jamie snarled, cracking his knuckles and sharing a look with the Anaheim Ducks’ Captain.

“Alrighty then, let’s do this!” John exclaimed. He gestured to his troops to follow him and they exited the garage and headed toward the fun. He pulled his mask back on his face, wanting the element of surprise at a certain moment.

Dave, Andrew and Brandon stuck to the crowd. It was nice to know that there were players who were against Pronger’s rein...and hope was once more inside them. Pronger would lose and the Blackhawks would win. That was how it would always be!!


TAVY'S ALIVE!!!! Didn't see that one coming didya?
Shawzy's joke.... XP
“Saader, come on, don’t be so (wait, for it) saad!”
(Bah dum tss!)
“Bad joke, Shawzy,” Brandon Bollig scoffed, punching him in the shoulder.
I was seriously debating it, but Shawzy is a jokester, so I think the random joke is okay.
Oh, and here's Jamie Benn. :)
There's about 5 chapters or so left with this...sad right? I kind of wanted to extend this idea out some more, but my brain was like "no!" and I was like Anna in Frozen, "okay." *hangs head*

Next up: Butterfly Effect (Part 2)


It's okay, it took time for me too :P That's how I pictured Sid like when I was in 8th grade (except less violent than your view of Sid), but now I picture him as a 4 year old stuck in a 27 year old's body! XDDDD

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
Yeah, yeah, my bad, I'm still getting the grasp of that. XP And yeah, but I think in my stories Evil Sid is the alter ego of Sid. But I love Evil Sid, cause he's a great villain, like Pronger and Rinaldo and Avery. ;)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

It's bad-good, not good-evil character-- John is a bad-good character! Yes! John is exactly as sly as a fox! Perfect simile for him! :D And Evil Sid and Sid are two complete different people!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
I feel like we both think of him like a good-evil. It's how I see Sid too. But with Sid its more Sid and then Evil Sid almost like an alter-ego thing, with Tavy though I think he's more sly...like a fox! Tavy's a fox!! :)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

Okay, good! :)
Yes, it's better for John to save them! :D Geez, is it me or does John seem like the type of guy who would work behind the bad guys' back, tricking them, like in Mission how no one knew Tazer was staying with John?

A Shruinger A Shruinger