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Project Blackhawk (or The Blackhawk Experiment)

A Chicago Friendship And Bromance: Kazer (The Dance-Off)

2013 - Blackhawks Convention
The Crow, Kaner, Tazer and Zeus Panel

At the table, Michal Handzus, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and Corey Crawford all looked on, curious and wondering what the next question or whatever would be. Two female friends stepped up to the mic. They were smiling and enjoying themselves and they were really excited about their question.

Patrick and Jonathan shared a silent communication between them, which included a nod and wink.

“Um, I’m Page and I’m a Toews fan,” a female fan spoke into the mic.

“And I’m Elena and I’m a Kane fan,” another female fan spoke into the mic. “And we were wondering if you and Toews can do a dance-off between the Kaner Shuffle and the Tazer Moonwalk?”

Patrick looked at Jonathan, cracking a smile and licking his lips.

“No way,” Jonathan spoke into the mic. “No.”

“What’s-what’s the Tazer Moonwalk?” Patrick asked, leaning forward to the mic, as he nervously scratched and rubbed at his arm and shoulder. He turned to purposefully look at Jonathan, who was shaking his head.

“You don’t know it?” Jonathan asked back, putting on a fake smile and energetic personality. He really didn’t want to perform the dance. It had been an accident and a once in a lifetime act.

“Show us.”

“You may be about to find out,” the announcer at the podium to the side, the man in charge spoke into his mic. He was eager to find out what the move was as well and to fulfill the wish of the young fans.

“Not a chance,” Jonathan laughed, looking down at the table and hoping that his facade would work or that he could talk his way out of it.

“Ha, I’ll do the Shuffle, if he does the Moonwalk!” Patrick pressed, wagging his eyebrows at his best friend.

“No way,” Jonathan said again, continuing to try to talk his way out.

They remained seated, unsure what to do, both smiling cluelessly and nervously.

“Somebody get up!” the announcer said, half in a demanding tone.

In one last attempt to get out of it, Jonathan tried to use the excuse of, “I’m not on the ice, I can’t slide around like Michael Jackson on here, it’s not the same I’m sorry…” He looked back at Patrick who frowned playfully at him with watery blue eyes. And in the building people began to boo and whine about him not doing it.

For a second, he paused. He couldn’t do this to the fans...or to Patrick, who was looking especially cute and adorable for once. God, he knew how to talk Jonathan into doing stuff. He was doing it again. That blond and his cursed blue eyes of adorableness. Jonathan wasn’t sure what to do, he was torn. But he finally slapped the table and got to his feet.

“Fine, Kaner, you win,” Jonathan mouthed to him, as he got up and began to do his “moonwalk” dance move.

Patrick chuckled, as he watched Jonathan showing off his moves. The crowd in the place cheered and the blond desperately wanted to join them, but he couldn’t and besides he was helplessly taken by the Captain’s entrancing hips which swayed back and forth...and that ass! He was caught by the perfect curves, but he turned away in time to make it seem like he wasn’t oogling his friend.

He laughed and then got to his feet for his “Shuffle” move, while Jonathan sat back down in his chair. He got situated and then turned to see what and where Patrick was going, which was heading toward his direction.

Oh know, he’s coming over here! He better not…

His thoughts were cut off, as Patrick began to do a drunken sort of dance. It was a familiar one, one that he’d created from a Jimmy Buffett concert. He made a sudden first move, coming down at Jonathan’s face, shaking his chest and arms, it was like a “big momma shaking her giant cans in an attempt to be sexy.” (Or something...) Jonathan leaned backward, raising his arm up at ready.

“Kaner…” Jonathan said, as his friend continued his “dance.”

“Don’t play dumb, Jonny, you love this!”

“Not here in public.”

“You love it, Jonny!”

“Just go sit down, Kaner.”

Patrick continued though, while Jonathan tried to conceal the oncoming blush and awkwardness that flooded through him. They didn’t notice Corey cracking up to the side of them. Soon Patrick made his way back to his chair and sat down, still grinning and chuckling to himself. Jonathan couldn’t help it, he stared at Patrick’s ass and hips, as he made it back to his seat. The man was amazing. But he couldn’t let anyone know.

No one could know about his feelings for Patrick.

“That was brutal,” Jonathan said into the mic before him, unable to think of anything else to say. He was so embarrassed and...hard.

Patrick leaned forward and said, “Who won?”

“It’s a good thing we ended it right there, right?” the announcer guy joked.

Jonathan spun to Corey, who was still cracking up. “Nice moves,” the goalie teased, laughing even more.

“I’d say Kane won,” one the females - the Kane fan - said, jumping to the mic first, before her friend could.

“Awe, thank you,” Patrick played up the competition. He winked at the woman and sent her finger guns.

Jonathan frowned and raised his hand like “what gives” or “of course you would.” And deep down he wasn’t pleased with Patrick. He would have to let him know about it and possibly punish him later on. The Captain didn’t like him winking or “finger-gunning” chicks...or anyone really. It made him jealous...insanely jealous.


2014 - Blackhawks Convention
The Brad Richards, Jonathan Toews, and Patrick Kane Panel

Another year gone and another convention, Patrick and Jonathan were once again teamed up on the same panel and had been asked questions like: “How is your friendship?” and “What was the Winter Classic like?” and other such questions. They been fine and enjoying themselves so far. And there friendship truly was better than ever. They were dating and they were than friends, so literally, “their friendship had never been better.”

“I’m Page and I’m a Toews fan.”

“Oh no!” Jonathan sighed, touching his forehead with his hand.

“And I’m Elena and I’m a Kane fan.”

Patrick smirked, excitedly, knowing what was going on, while Jonathan put his hand to his forehead. He knew what was coming. They both did. It was this dance-off crap again. But the Captain wasn’t in the mood for it. They’d already done this last year...why did it have to happen again!? (At this moment in the video, Kaner looks like he would go “Yes!” and Jonny looks like he’s saying “Fuck!”)

“Regardless of what Jonathan says, we were wondering because of the competitiveness you guys had this year, can we see a rematch of the dance-off?”

Patrick picked up his water and took a sip, calmly and cooly, as the crowd cheered for them and clapped for them to do it. Jonathan slowly turned and glanced at his buddy, who raised his head up, tossing his head proudly. Patrick grinned, while Jonathan covered his face with nervousness and an oncoming blush.

This again.

“Do it! Do it!” the crowd chanted.

Both Blackhawk stars looked to the announcer man in charge for his say-so. He gestured to them.

“Come on, do it!” the crowd continued.

Soon the place was buzzing with noise. Patrick looked to Jonathan, who looked at him, justly. As much in secret as he could, trying to warn his buddy not to misbehave. But that was like telling a dog not to bark at the mailman or knocks at the door.

“I mean, I would do it, but he’s to scared to do it, so…”

“Alright you go first then, Kaner. Do us the honors.”

“I went first the last time,” Patrick stated, scratching his neck. “I think I went first last year, so gotta switch it up.” He looked at Jonathan, smirking cleverly.

“No, if you’re not first, your last bud.”

“Can we do it right here?” the announcer questioned, already jumping ahead, thinking it was a sure thing.

Again, Jonathan would be forced to do it. But he would get Kaner back this time. He’d try to embarrass the crap out of the blond winger.

“That’s not--” Patrick began, before Jonathan cut him off.

The brunette centerman looked around and to the side, where Brad was being silent and just remaining unsure about what was going on. “I say we get Brad in on the action,” Jonathan tried, pointing with a thumb in the newest Blackhawks’ direction.

The crowd cheered some more and Jonathan laughed, “Ha-ha, this is brutal!”

But the announcer pointed to the back and exclaimed, “Mr. DJ, you have some music for us back there?”

Jonathan gave up, he’d have some fun with it this time. He loved Patrick and he didn’t want to upset the fans or get booed again. Plus, it wasn’t that bad. He smiled, looking toward the back, while music was started by the “DJ.” He looked back, waiting for the signal and confirmed it by a rolling hand motion, pointing his index finger out and rolling his wrist in a 360 degree spin. (The “moving on” hand gesture, normally.)

Patrick watched him, faking amusement, as he did his moonwalking around him, similar to him doing the Shuffle around him. And then he pointed finger guns at the blond, as in a “your turn, bud” gesture. He sat down, while Patrick got up. The blond gradually made his way over to Jonathan, who was finishing up getting situated in his seat and then folded his arms for a few moments.

“Stop it, Kaner, you already did that last year,” Jonathan tried to say, as Patrick began to dance around him again, doing his “shuffle.” Patrick kissed at his ear, which was totally uncalled for and he swatted at him. “Go sit down. Sit down, Kaner. Alright...”

Then the crowd cheered some more and it got noisy and Brad was once more put on the spot.

“Alright, enough, enough, enough. We’re not going to make Brad do it. We gotta ease him in a little bit,” the announcer stated, talking about Brad joining in the competition.

“Tazer won this year!” the fan said, as Jonathan poured himself some more water. He wasn’t even paying any attention. He was so done with the dance-off.

“That was brutal,” Jonathan said, as he drank from his water glass.

“You’ll see that on ABC 7 tonight about 15 times,” the announcer joked.

“That’s why we had to ask it again.” The girls giggled to themselves.

“Again?” the man at the podium questioned.

“Yeah, I’m sorry too,” Jonathan stated, getting quite serious.

“We did it last year, so…” the girl began to say.

“Oh,” Jonathan sighed.


“I’m gonna have someone revoke your tickets for next year, how about that?” The Chicago Captain joked with a hearty chuckle.


It's the Kaner Shuffle vs the Tazer Moonwalk!! <3 <3 <3 <3
And yes, Kaner actually did kiss Jonny's ear. Awe, see they do love each other!! :) Kazer 4ever!

Next up: It gets more exciting I promise, it's not just Kazer...actually it's Andrew Shaw, the jealous one. :PP


It's okay, it took time for me too :P That's how I pictured Sid like when I was in 8th grade (except less violent than your view of Sid), but now I picture him as a 4 year old stuck in a 27 year old's body! XDDDD

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
Yeah, yeah, my bad, I'm still getting the grasp of that. XP And yeah, but I think in my stories Evil Sid is the alter ego of Sid. But I love Evil Sid, cause he's a great villain, like Pronger and Rinaldo and Avery. ;)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

It's bad-good, not good-evil character-- John is a bad-good character! Yes! John is exactly as sly as a fox! Perfect simile for him! :D And Evil Sid and Sid are two complete different people!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
I feel like we both think of him like a good-evil. It's how I see Sid too. But with Sid its more Sid and then Evil Sid almost like an alter-ego thing, with Tavy though I think he's more sly...like a fox! Tavy's a fox!! :)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

Okay, good! :)
Yes, it's better for John to save them! :D Geez, is it me or does John seem like the type of guy who would work behind the bad guys' back, tricking them, like in Mission how no one knew Tazer was staying with John?

A Shruinger A Shruinger