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Project Blackhawk (or The Blackhawk Experiment)

The Return to “Normal”?

John Tavares dug out the time pad and gestured to Gabriel to join him. Together they vanished from the scene. They returned the two young superstar hockey forwards back to their cribs. It was a shock they both hadn’t awakened at all during the chaos. But they were both well-behaved kids and they deserved the happy ending.

After a few seconds, Jonathan and Patrick pulled back, grinning. They turned to everyone.

“So, when’s the wedding?” Andrew chirped.

“Shawzy,” Jonathan scolded.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Gosh, I’m so sorry I almost destroyed you both. I never realized how much you two mean to each other and to the Hawks. I’m glad that you both are safe and alive.” He threw his arms around them both. “I’m cool with the Kazer, man.”

“Thanks, Shawzy. It’s okay. Maybe Kaner and I can tone it done a little bit around the boys. I guess we are kind of exhausting sometimes.”

“Yeah, I can do that. It might be a little difficult for Jonny…” Patrick cracked a sly grin that earned him a stern frown from his captain.

“Easy Kaner.”

John and Gabriel returned without the babies. John walked over to them, smiling. “Glad to see everyone’s okay.”

“Well except for him,” Andrew stated, pointing at Pronger, still rolling on the ground. “Guy must never have had anything thrown in his eye before. HEY PRONGER, IT’S JUST RAT POISON! WHIMP!”

John rolled his eyes. “That’ll do Shawzy, that’ll do.”

“Thanks so much for saving us, John Tavares, you are one magical Islander and Chicago’s forever in your debt,” Jonathan remarked, dipping his head in respect.

“It’s nothing. You two deserve to be in Chicago and you're the rightful captain of the Blackhawks. Plus, I got a soft spot for “Kazer”. Maybe you can let us have the cup this year though?”

“Haha, not a chance.” Jonathan winked at him.

“You’re right, you’re right.”

Brandon Saad skipped over to Andrew. He looked at the pest awkwardly.

“Please tell me the gay thing was--”

“Yeah, don’t mention it. Ever. I’m sorry. I hope it hasn’t ruined our friendship?”

“Not at all man.”

Brandon smiled. “Thanks Shawzy. But if I had to be gay like Jonny or Kaner, I’d totally chose you.”

“Alright, we’re cool Saader.”

They shook hands and then jumped as Burish came over to them. His head was hung low on his chest.

“I don’t expect any of you to forgive me…”

“Nonsense, Bur, you were brainwashed by Pronger but don’t apologize to us,” Andrew said. He flicked his head to Jonathan and Patrick who were gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling.

Burish nodded. “Right.” He trudged over and looked at the two Blackhawks.

“Burish?” Patrick questioned, his smile vanishing from his face.

Jonathan tensed up.

“Look, no need to be violent, I’m sorry. I was brainwashed by Pronger...and…”

“Oh, Bur,” Patrick sighed. He flung his arms around the man and hugged him tightly. “We won’t tell Sharpie. You’re a good man Burish, I’m glad that you are back to being a good guy.”

Burish brightened up. “I would never ever hurt you guys, you’re like brothers to me, same with Sharpie. If I did anything to offend you, it isn’t me.”

“We know, Bur. Thanks.” Jonathan patted his friend on the shoulder.

They were all smiling once more.

John watched as Gabriel and Nathan came up to each other. They paused at first and then broke out in smiles and hugged one another. The Islander couldn’t help but smile as well. Therrien, Kessel and Rinaldo were all grouped together by Dave, Brandon Bollig, Ryan, Tyler and Jamie. Brandon and Dave took Rinaldo and Kessel from Tyler and Jamie, who spotted John looking at everyone reconciling with their true friends.

“So what’s with you and Tavy?” Jamie asked.

Tyler turned to him and shook his head, smiling. “Tavy’s a good man, but he’s no Jamie Benn.”

Jamie hugged him and Tyler returned the gesture. “It’s good to have you back Tyler.”

“Same Jamie.”

They walked over to John. The Islander turned to them. “Jamie, Tyler?”

“John,” Tyler said. “Look, about us being really good friends...uh…”

“No, no, no forget that. That was in the alternate timeline. You belong with Jamie and I don’t want to intervene.”

Jamie nodded. “I always thought you were a good guy, Tavy. During the Olympics, I’m sorry you went down. Thanks for caring about my boy so much.”

“You’re welcome. Tyler’s a good kid. Alright, since we’ve got everyone back to normal, let’s complete this. Bid Philly farewell everyone, we’re returning to the present and the normal timeline. That means that none of this occurs, so no one should remember anything that happened. I’m also overloading the time pad, so the time traveling will be done. We can’t risk this happening again, though Pronger’s definitely done. Okay?”

“Okay, Tavy. And thanks to everyone again, Patrick and I are extremely grateful, even if we don’t show it on the ice,” Jonathan stated.

“It’s cool Jonny!” Dave responded.

John saw everyone cluster together and then he nodded and threw the time pad down, pressing the button. Soon the ground shook and dissolved around them, morphing into different looks. Nathan and Gabriel vanished first, waving goodbye. Then Ryan Getzlaf, Dave Bolland, Brandon Bollig, Adam Burish, and John Tavares. Then Brandon Saad and Andrew. Followed by Tyler and Jamie, who were hugging one another. Finally the villains all vanished.


Yay!!!! Happiness!!!! :)))))) Yay Tavy!! Yay Kazer!!
Yay Heroes!!
One last chapter and then....it's done...until the sequel. :P


It's okay, it took time for me too :P That's how I pictured Sid like when I was in 8th grade (except less violent than your view of Sid), but now I picture him as a 4 year old stuck in a 27 year old's body! XDDDD

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
Yeah, yeah, my bad, I'm still getting the grasp of that. XP And yeah, but I think in my stories Evil Sid is the alter ego of Sid. But I love Evil Sid, cause he's a great villain, like Pronger and Rinaldo and Avery. ;)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

It's bad-good, not good-evil character-- John is a bad-good character! Yes! John is exactly as sly as a fox! Perfect simile for him! :D And Evil Sid and Sid are two complete different people!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
I feel like we both think of him like a good-evil. It's how I see Sid too. But with Sid its more Sid and then Evil Sid almost like an alter-ego thing, with Tavy though I think he's more sly...like a fox! Tavy's a fox!! :)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

Okay, good! :)
Yes, it's better for John to save them! :D Geez, is it me or does John seem like the type of guy who would work behind the bad guys' back, tricking them, like in Mission how no one knew Tazer was staying with John?

A Shruinger A Shruinger