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First Love - Part 1

Chapter 7 - Meeting Jordan’s Girlfriend

Jordan is over at Maddie and James’s. Maddie and Jordan are in the living room talking about how Jordan should propose to his girlfriend Callie.

Jordan - I hope you can help me.
Maddie - What’s wrong Jordan?
Jordan - Well my girlfriend Callie is coming to town tomorrow and I want to propose to her.
Maddie - Aww, that’s really sweet Jordan. How long have you two been together?
Jordan - 5 years or so.
Maddie - Wow, that’s a really long time.
Jordan - How did James propose to you?
Maddie - We were cuddling on the couch. It was right after we found out that I’m pregnant.
Jordan - I’m thinking about taking her out to the same place where we had our first date when she came to town.
Maddie - Aww, you should propose to her under the lights of the skyline.
Jordan - That’s a great idea. Did you want to see the ring?
Maddie - You bet.

Jordan pulls out a dark pink engagement ring.

Jordan - Well, what do you think?
Maddie - Wow, Jordan that ring is beautiful. Callie is going to love it.
Jordan - I hope so. You have no idea how much I love her.
Maddie - I think I have a pretty good idea. Like how much I love James.
Jordan - How have you been feeling?
Maddie - Some days I feel great and some days I feel horrible.
Jordan - If you ever need anything I’m here for you.
Maddie - Aww, I know you are.
Jordan - Did you want me to stay here till James comes home?
Maddie - That would be ok.
Jordan - How about we make it a double date tomorrow?
Maddie - Aww, I’ll ask James when he comes home.
Jordan - I don’t think I’ve ever seen your engagement ring.

Maddie gets up and goes into the bedroom and grabs her ring from off the nightstand. She puts it on her finger.

Maddie - Here it is.
Jordan - Wow, James has good taste.
Maddie - He sure does.
Jordan - I’m going to go since you look like you don’t feel very good.
Maddie - Ok, I’ll talk to you later.
Jordan - Feel better

Jordan goes home. Maddie gets up and goes into the bedroom. She lays down on the bed and covers herself with her blanket. She’s asleep a short time later. A little while later James comes home. He goes into the bedroom and sees that Maddie is sound asleep. He lays down on the bed beside Maddie. He wraps his arms around her holding her close so that they’re spooning with one another. He’s asleep a short time later until later that night. Maddie wakes up and finds that James is already awake. She gets up and finds James in the kitchen making them dinner. She walks up behind James and smiles as she wraps her arms around him.

James - Someone must be feeling better.
Maddie - I just wanted to hold you some more.
James - I have no problem with that. Why don’t you go set the table?
Maddie - I can do that.

Maddie sets the table and lights a couple of candles. A little while later James brings dinner over to the table. As they’re eating James takes a hold of Maddie’s hand and tells her how much he loves her. They get done eating and clean up the table. They go over to the couch and start cuddling.

James - (Runs his fingers through Maddie’s hair) I love you so much.
Maddie - I love you too.
James - You feeling better?
Maddie - I’m not as queasy as I was earlier.
James - You don’t look as pale as you did earlier.
Maddie - Jordan wanted to know if you and I wanted to double date with him and his girlfriend tomorrow night.
James - Sure, that’d be fine.
Maddie - He wants to propose to his girlfriend and I think wants us there for moral support.
James - I have no problem with that.

They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. James then lays on top of Maddie. They begin to kiss again and tearing each other clothes off. James starts kissing gently biting Maddie’s neck again. She begins to moan when James starts kissing others parts of her body.

Maddie - Oh James. Oh god James.
James - Oh Maddie. Oh god baby.
Maddie - Oh god that feels so good.
James - Oh baby you are so sexy.
Maddie - Oh James I want you so bad.
James - Oh Maddie baby I want you so bad too.
Maddie - Oh yeah right there.
James - Oh baby I love you.
Maddie - Oh James I love you too.

The sex continues until Maddie orgasms. Maddie lays her head on James’s chest. James smiles when he wraps arms around her.

James - (Nuzzles and kisses Maddie’s neck) I love you baby.
Maddie - (Sighs) I love you too. Is it ok if I go to bed?
James - Sure honey it’s ok. I know you don’t feel very good. Did you want me to come with you?
Maddie - I would like that cuz I want to cuddle with you some more.
James - I would be happy to hold you tonight.

James picks Maddie up and carries her to their bedroom. He gently lays her down on the bed. He lays down beside her and wraps his arms around holding her close so that they’re spooning with one another. He is asleep a short time later until the next morning. Maddie wakes up and gives James a kiss. James wakes up and smiles at Maddie.

Maddie - I love you James.
James - I love you too.
Maddie - Did we cuddle all night last night?
James - (Smiles) We sure did baby.
Maddie - So what do you want to do till we go out?
James - (Smiles) I’m already doing what I want to do.
Maddie - Aww, you mean cuddling with me all day?
James - (Smiles as he gives her a kiss) You bet baby.
Maddie - Aww, I think we can do that.
James - I never thought I would be this in love with someone.
Maddie - Me either
James - (Caresses Maddie’s face) I love you so much honey.
Maddie - I love you too James.

They begin looking into each others eyes and begin to kiss. They continue to kiss until Maddie falls asleep. James smiles as he wraps his arm around. He’s asleep a short time later until they get ready to go out with Jordan and his girlfriend. Maddie is in the bathroom doing her hair when James comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her.

James - Wow, you look absolutely stunning tonight.
Maddie - Aww, do you really mean that?
James - You bet I do. My heart is skipping a beat being near you right now. I love you so much my angel.
Maddie - Aww, I love you too James.
James - You ready to go babe?
Maddie - Yeah I am.

James and Maddie leave to meet Jordan and Callie at the restaurant. They track them down and find the table Jordan got for the four of them. They order food and then start talking as they’re waiting for their food to arrive.

Callie - So, who are your friends Jordan?
Jordan - This is my sister Maddie and her fiancé James Neal.
Callie - Sister? I thought you only had brothers.
Jordan - That’s what we thought until we discovered that my mom gave up a baby girl for adoption and Maddie was that baby girl.
Callie - Wow, that’s amazing. Never knew you had family here.
Jordan - I didn’t either but I’m so glad we found each other.

Their food arrives. They eat and then go take a walk. Maddie and James decide to head home to give Jordan and Callie some privacy.

Callie - I think they left us alone on purpose.
Jordan - That’s fine cuz I have something to ask you.
Callie - What’s that?
Jordan - When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we'll share together. When I look into my heart, I see only you. If you can look into your heart and only see me, then we should spend the rest of our lives together. I know you're the only one I want to share the rest of my life with. I love you so much. (Slips a ring on Callie’s finger) Will you marry me honey?
Callie - (Smiles and cries) Of course I’ll marry you Jordan.
Jordan - I was hoping you would say that.
Callie - Of course I would cuz I love you and no one else.
Jordan - I love you too.

They begin to kiss under the moonlight. They head back to Jordan’s. A week passes and Jordan wants Maddie’s help to plan an engagement party.



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