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One Shots

The Huntress & The Ghost

“Ugh, what the hell am I doing here?”

“Being a good and supportive friend to me.”

Diana looked around her, barely resisting the urge to run. Or maybe just throw up. She was adrift in a sea of orange and it was starting to turn her stomach. She wanted to flee as fast as possible back to Pittsburgh, back where she could wear her Crosby jersey in public without fear of being mocked or ridiculed. A place where Flyers orange was sneered at when it was to be found at all. Home.

She let out a deep sigh, mumbling again, “What am I doing?”

Her dear, sweet friend Annabelle linked arms with her as the line they were in started to move. “You know I would do the same for you. I’ll get my autograph, then I’ll treat you to lunch.”

“You owe me a private jet as thanks, not lunch. It’s like I can feel your people looking at me and they know I’m not one of them.”

“That’s because you’re not wearing team colors and you’re frowning at everyone.”

Diana realized that Annabelle was right and forced a smile. She owed her friend that much. Yes, she was a diehard Penguins fan at a Flyers signing, but Annabelle, in spite of bleeding orange and black and white had never let their hockey affiliations come between them. And when Diana was offered a job in Philly on short notice, Annabelle had been more than happy to let her come stay at her home until Diana could find her own place and get settled.

So, for as much as Diana really, really hated the Flyers (and most of their fans), she loved Annabelle even more.

“You’re right, Annie. I will do my level best to stop frowning.”

“Look on the bright side, some of the Fly Guys are pretty damn cute, you know they are. Just enjoy the view.”

Diana wouldn’t go that far. “Maybe. Sometimes. In the right light. With a good filter. A little bloody after getting whopped on by a Penguin.”

“You’re impossible.” Annabelle smacked her arm a few times. “Oo, shut up. We’re next and I don’t want Ghost to know I came with a non-believer.”

Diana looked around the two girls in front of them who were laying out objects for Shayne to sign. Speaking of Flyers who are not ugly…

Diana mentally chastised herself. No. Absolutely not. I do not like the Flyers. Shayne is not cute. Nope. Not going there.

She took another look. He was casual in a Flyers t-shirt and jeans, a backwards snapback shoved over his shaggy hair. Diana could see his dark brown curls poking out under his ears and she was filled with the urge to reach out and twirl the ends around her fingers.

Jesus, snap out of it! You do not like the Flyers, not even this one. DO NOT.

She needed to get laid; that was the real problem. Uprooting your life, moving across the state, and taking on a new position didn’t leave much time for dating, but that was a poor excuse. Truth is, Diana hadn’t been on a promising date in months and hadn’t been decently fucked in even longer.

Yes, that’s what it was. Her vagina was angry with her for being neglected so long that now the damn cunt was getting aroused by anything with a dick. She glanced down the row of Flyers to prove her theory.

One by one she looked them over, passing judgment. Giroux was undeniably handsome, but she just wasn’t into gingers. Pass. Simmonds was way too lanky; she liked her men with a little more bulk. Pass. Cousins was cute, in a frat boy kind of way, she supposed. Still, pass. And Provorov? Yeah, okay, he was pretty damn cute. For a kid barely out of high school.

Ivan seemed to prove her right since she could easily imagine the young defenseman between her thighs, welcoming her to Philly with long, slow strokes of his cock and an even cockier grin on his face. Or maybe she was on top, breaking him in, making a man out of him. The Flyers would be grateful to her for it, that she was sure of.

She looked back at Shayne just in time to see him smile for a picture and then laugh when the girls showed it to him. Her body reacted the same way it did for Ivan, with unbridled lust, but there was something more going on. Shayne was cute, but he also had a vibe that read pure, unadulterated boyfriend material. Something that made her stomach clench along with her pussy. She had seen his pictures before, but they had not done him justice. At all. In person, the man was nearly breathtaking.

I don’t like the Flyers. I don’t like the Flyers. I don’t like the Flyers…

And then Shayne was directing that smile at Diana and she lost her train of thought, including all the reasons why she hated the Flyers.

“Hey! Thanks for doing this. I hope you know how much we appreciate it.”

Shayne moved his eyes toward Annabelle as she spoke and then he answered. “No problem at all. You got something for me?”

“Yes. My jersey. If you don’t mind.”

Shayne took the jersey and smiled, saying something adorably sweet to put Annabelle at ease as she was clearly yammering. Christ, he was cute. And friendly. And really damn sexy this close up. Damn it.

Diana could barely register his words, too distracted by the lovely tone of his voice, the darkness of his eyes and the way they narrowed in concentration when he penned his name on the fabric laid out in front of him. And this hands… Fuck. What is about man hands that is so fucking attractive? Maybe the size, or the bulging veins running to his wrist, or those long fingers…

Diana was still busy imagining her body laid out in front of him when she noticed Shayne and Annabelle were both staring at her.


“I asked if you had something for me to sign.”

“Oh, God no. No. No, thank you, though.”

Shayne took a picture from a stack at his elbow. “That’s cool. I can sign this for you.”

Diana held up her hand. “No, no. You don’t understand.” He waited for her explain and she didn’t know quite what to say. She didn’t want to call herself out in a room full of Flyers’ fans, but now she felt like an idiot just standing there, refusing to take his autograph. She murmured, “I’m from Pittsburgh.”

He looked up, eyes partially hooded, a smirk forming on his lips. He used two fingers to beckon Diana closer. She leaned towards him.

He whispered conspiratorially, “You’re telling me you’re a Penguins’ fan?” After Diana nodded, Shayne let out a breathy laugh. “So what the hell are you doing here?”

Diana had to smile back at him. “I’ve been asking myself that all day. My friend…” She paused to gesture towards Annabelle who waved back. “She’s from Philly. I just came to keep her company.”

“Hmm. You’re a good friend, then. What’s your name?”


Shayne picked up his Sharpie and grinned. “Diana the huntress.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, like the myth? The goddess, I should say. I think it suits you.”

And did it ever; this woman was a myth, a goddess come to life and standing right in front of him, staring down her nose at him. If Shayne was only allowed one word to describe this woman it would be proud. Or better yet, regal. She was not particularly tall, but she carried herself as though she were - back erect, neck long, chin high. But she had the beauty to offset the undercurrent of arrogant pride that seemed to emanate from her. Skin the color of raw honey and hair so black and shiny it looked unreal. Her eyes were dark as well, though partially hidden behind her glasses.

Proud. Regal. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. And a Penguins’ fan. Well, he thought with amusement, nobody’s perfect.

Meanwhile Diana wasn’t quite sure that Shayne was paying her compliment with his comparison. She folded her arms across her breasts, unwittingly charming him even more with her bold stance. “Really? Are you saying I’m some kind of predator?”

“Are you saying you’re not?” He met her eyes, serious as the day as long when he then let them practically drip his gaze over her body. “I could call you Princess Diana if you like, but huntress seems more apt.”

Flustered by his perusal and…was that flirtation? Diana nearly stumbled over her words before she promptly righted herself and answered him firmly. “It’s…I’m just plain Diana.”

“Nothing plain about you…Diana.” He was holding a picture out to her and Diana knew she should take it from him, but the way he said her name made her feel weak. No, he didn’t say it, he expelled it from between his lips. He pushed it into existence with meaning and conviction. And Diana’s pussy was damn near purring at the sound of it.

She finally snapped out it when he started to smirk at her and she snatched the picture from him. “I didn’t ask you for this. And I’m not paying for it.”

Shayne almost laughed, but held back. “It’s a gift. Enjoy it.”

Annabelle nudged Diana aside and out of the line, thanking Shayne again profusely.

“You ladies have a good afternoon. Maybe I’ll see you at a game sometime, my huntress.”

Diana didn’t let his use of the word ‘my’ affect her; she downright refused. Now that they were leaving she felt safe letting the cat out of the bag and called over her shoulder, “Yeah, sure. When the Penguins come to town.”

Shayne allowed himself only a single second to appreciate the snarky comment and the sight of her walking away from him before he returned his attention to the next fan who had been eagerly waiting to meet him.

Diana let Annabelle bounce and babble excitedly for the rest of the day. They ate lunch, which, true to her word, Annabelle paid for. And then Diana let herself be talked into a few hours of shopping. By the time the girls got home, Diana was the owner of several new, very expensive and entirely unnecessary pairs of shoes and she was still toting around the picture Shayne had given her.

Later that night as she climbed into the twin bed in Annabelle’s spare bedroom, Diana finally forced herself to look at what he had written.

“To my huntress: keep a gentle heart and an open mind. Not all who cross your path are prey,” followed by his signature. It was far too personal, too intimate of a dedication and quite frankly it make her a tad uncomfortable.

Her frown returned for the first time since they had left the signing and then deepened. What the hell was that supposed to mean anyway? He didn’t know anything about her and he was certainly the first man to ever liken her to the goddess who shared her name. His own name was signed as a collection of unintelligible loops and yet it seemed to fit him perfectly.

Nonsense. How would she know if it suited him? She didn’t know the man and never would. He was a goddamn Flyer and that was reason enough to disregard all thoughts of him. It had been a strange afternoon, one that Diana looked forward to putting behind her as quickly as possible.

Two weeks later.

Normally when hockey players are called upon to make appearances on their rare days off, it can be frustrating. But one thing that they will never complain about is being asked to visit children in the hospital. Shayne, like most, was more than happy to go bed to bed, carrying in balloons and merch and stuffed animals. Watching the kids’ eyes light up and seeing how such a little thing can bring so much joy was always worth it.

He and Gudas were making their final rounds of the cancer ward on a Saturday afternoon when he saw something he thought he would never see again. Something he thought was lost forever. And it brought a massive smile to his lips.

“I’ll meet you down the hall. I need two minutes.”

Gudas nodded and went on his way. Shayne made his own way towards the nurse’s station, leaning against the partition when he got there.

“Diana the huntress. Or should I say Diana the doctor?”

Diana didn’t even look up from chart she was holding. She couldn’t. Not yet. She wasn’t ready to meet his eyes. She didn’t have the strength to do so and remain in full control of her body and mind. Not yet.

She had known Shayne was going to be there today. She had even tried to get someone to cover her shift, but there was a reason she had moved to Philly on two day’s notice - the hospital was already in desperate need for people in her line of work.

Once she had gathered herself, she turned and looked up. And once more she had to remind herself that she did not like the Flyers. Did not. Not at all. Not a single one of them. Not even this man who acted like he knew her (when he didn’t) and had the audacity to be so fucking cute every time she saw him.

She cleared her throat. “I’m not a doctor. Not in the sense you mean.”

“So you are…?”

“A child psychiatrist. I work mostly with the terminally ill.”

Shayne nodded solemnly. “That’s noble work.”

“It’s difficult work, but worthwhile. I think so, anyway.”

“I agree wholeheartedly, Dr. …”

For some reason, maybe just to be difficult, Diana covered up the name badge she had pinned to her lab coat. “I told you. It’s just plain Diana.”

“And I told you -”

“What are you doing here?”

Shayne chuckled and reached out towards her wrist. She was so shocked by the feel of his skin on hers, she let him pull her hand away as he read her name. “I’m pretty sure you knew I was coming, Dr. Edwards. As I understand it our visits are widely discussed among the staff.”

So completely and totally busted. And as such it was the perfect time to change the subject.

She took her hand back from him, holding it against her chest protectively. “Right. And I’m pretty sure we both have work to do. Excuse me.”

Diana attempted to step around him, but found herself nose to chest with him instead. She took a wobbly step back, head spinning after smelling him up close. Lord, he smelled wonderful. Slightly sweaty, but with hints of pine and musk from his deodorant. No cologne, not for Shayne, she could tell. He didn’t need it. His natural aroma was arousing enough on its own. Of course it was, adorable bastard that he was.

Okay, it was official, Diana desperately needed to get her shit together and the first step was getting away from the man who could turn her thoughts x-rated just by standing there and smiling.

“I said excuse me.”

She attempted to sidestep him again and again he blocked her way. He was acting like a caveman, he knew he was. But he couldn’t let her walk away again. Not without getting something from her first.

He said gently, “Give me your number before you go. Please.”

Diana was delirious. Did he really just ask for her phone number? “What? No.”

“Why not?”



“Because I said so.”

A weak answer, but it was the best she could do.

Shayne wasn’t going to let it go that easily, however.


“Why do you want it?”

He narrowed his eyes at her when he smiled. “Why do you think, Diana? I’d like to call you up sometime, take you out.” He looked around and when he noted they were alone, he moved in closer, dropping his voice in volume. “Or if you prefer, we can stay in. I’m up for anything.”

Oh, God. Diana did not need those images in her head right now. Did not. The idea of Shayne taking her out for a romantic dinner and then making love to her on his couch. Beautiful. Or instead laying in bed for hours, watching sports, bickering over Pittsburgh verses Philadelphia matchups while eating greasy Chinese food and then enjoying some sweaty sex in between. Lovely.

Not happening. No. Never. Period. Move on.

“Shayne, that’s not going to happen.”

“Why not?”

Diana took her turn to look around them and then whisper shouted, “Because you play for the fucking Flyers. And I hate the Flyers, okay? Really hate them. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, hating the Philly teams is just what we do. It’s not an option.”

To his credit Shayne wasn’t cowed in the least. He merely flashed that beautiful smile that make her heart race and said, “If you get to be plain Diana, why can’t I be plain Shayne? I’m a lot more than just a Flyer.”

Diana knew this, knew that claiming team loyalty was a stupid and immature reason to deny Shayne her phone number. And to deny herself the pleasure of Shayne. But dammit, she did not like the Flyers. DID NOT! Had never liked them and would never like them. And in this, she would not let the rational side of her brain (or her vagaina) sway her line of thinking. No she would not. Period.

“You may be many things, but quite frankly I’m not interested in any of them. In fact, the only thing I could possibly want from you is an explanation of the completely ridiculous dedication you wrote on that picture you gave me.”

Gotcha, he thought. He leaned even closer, until his lips just grazed her ear. “If you really want to know, I need a moment alone with you. In private.”

Diana felt her whole body react to his nearness, to his words, to the hotness of his breath on her skin. To those simple words - in private. Every single inch of her ran hot, her blood was like fire in her veins spreading the heat and burning through all thought and reason and rationale. Her breath was short and she bit her lip to quell the panting that was just starting.

Okay, so she didn’t like the Flyers. But this one Flyer…she might have to admit, he made her feel things that her felt foreign in her seldom-tended to body. She was loathe to admit it, but she liked his teasing, liked their banter, and really liked the sound of his voice right up against her ear. Not mention the warmth of his big body so close to hers and his boyish grins.

And even though she knew it made her a fool, she stepped away from him, separated her willing body from his and started to walk away. He let her go. Watching her with his feet rooted to the earth until she was down the hall, holding open a door, waiting for him to follow.

Diana’s office was clearly meant for children, with brightly colored furniture, some of it tiny, some of it for adults, crayons and coloring books littering the floor and every other flat surface, and in a corner were other interactive games, pillows, and stuffed animals. Shayne chuckled about the excessive stuffed penguin collection on one shelf and then turned his attention on Diana.


Shayne could tell she was trying to sound annoyed…and superior. But under her superficial tone was a quiver in her voice, an excited dilation of her pupils as he stepped closer. She was primed and ready for him to teach her a lesson.

Without warning, he grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulling her mouth against his and swallowing down her startled gasp. The kiss was brief, meant more to shock than arouse. But when he pulled back, she was already panting, the rise and fall of her chest obvious even under her lab coat.

Speaking of, that needed to to go. He used both hands to yank the stiff white fabric down her arms and she let him. She should have be appalled, offended, mortified by his boorish behavior, but instead…she found herself turning to putty in his hands, asking for more by simply allowing him to have his way.

Lab coat gone, she stood before him in a simple blouse and dress pants and now he spoke, cradling her cheek in his hand in much more gentle act that still bespoke of his intended dominance. “That note was about you and me, nothing else. I can already tell you’re used to having your way with everyone, but I’m not gonna crumble, no matter how fierce of a huntress you think you are.”

Miraculously, she made her voice work through the shock and arousal she was feeling. “I don’t think I am. I don’t have any idea why you keep calling me that or assuming that I think I’m something I’m not.”

“Because I’m not idiot, and clearly the other men you’ve known have been. I see your strength in every movement, every breath, every word you speak. I just thought you should know that I see you for what you are, what you should see yourself as. But I’m not another piece of prey to be frightened off.”

Diana scoffed, thinking of the way he manhandled her. And the way she liked it. “Obviously.”

Shayne tilted his head, considering. “Do you want me to leave?”

Her answer surprised even Diana herself. “No.”

“Then I’m gonna kiss you again.”


“That wasn’t a goddamn question.”

“Jesus Christ.”

Shayne couldn’t help the smile that came upon his face when he kissed her again. He would probably never get tired of making this woman fall apart in his arms, which was a surprising thought considering he had only just met her. And Diana? She accepted that she was weak willed and an embarrassment to Pens fans everywhere, but she really couldn’t care less at that point.

Because Shayne kissed her like it was the only thing he had been thinking about weeks. Like it was the only thing he needed to do that day. Like it was his goddamn purpose in life. And good God was he ever succeeding at his mission, and then some.

Rather than accosting her as he had the first time, he eased his way into their second kiss. That is not to say that it was no less forceful and clearly meant to communicate his dominance. Every slick pass of his lips, every slow thrust of his tongue, each gentle caress of his fingers on her neck was powerful and claiming.

Diana had had the choice. She could have told him to leave. Instead, she was content to cling to him, bunching his shirt in her fists and pulling him closer. He kissed her so well it literally made her mind feel blurry. Which was why she hardly noticed he was undoing her pants until his fingers were trailing down her slit over her panties.

She grabbed his wrist, simultaneously breaking their mouths apart. “What the hell are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

“Shayne, no.”

“Diana, yes.”

He pulled his wrist free of her hold and guided her back until her ass rested against the edge of her desk. Him saying her name really was a problem, because she momentarily let him continue. Until, that is, he slipped his hand under the waistband of her thong and rubbed his damn fingers along her lips, his palm covering her aching clit.

She stopped him again, shaking her head when he tried to kiss her. “Shayne…I’m asking you to leave now.”

He paused, only for a second, before dipping his head to nuzzle her neck, his hand in her panties was still, waiting. “Do you want me to leave because I play for the Flyers or because we’re in your office?”


“Which one?”

Honestly, how was she supposed to focus on an answer when he was licking her pulse point? Adorable bastard, indeed. “The Flyers…both. I don’t know.”

“Diana, look at me.” He met her eyes and she stared back. He started to stroke his fingers along her incredibly wet lips, not daring to dip inside of her, not just yet. But it was enough. Having been abandoned for so long Diana’s pussy was pulsating with want and she had never felt her mind so discontented from her body before.

He kept up the connection of their eyes as he played with her, teased her. When she finally moaned, then he asked quietly, “Do you want me leave?”

She did, and she didn’t. She shook her head.

But it wasn’t enough for Shayne who said softly, “I need to know you want this.”

Diana grabbed his hand, pushing it lower towards her entrance and then forcing two of his fingers into her channel. She clenched around him immediately and then met his eyes boldly. “Finish what you started.”

Without another word, Shayne pulled his fingers back and then thrust into her. Diana made such a pitiful sound that he was sure he had hurt her, but she only pushed her hips down onto his hand harder and pulled him towards her for another kiss.

He felt so good, just doing this, just fingering her and kissing her. So good that Diana felt like some kind of sex starved maniac. So good she felt her wetness coating her inner thighs as his fingers pushed and pulled and drove her close towards the orgasm that she deserved. And needed. Christ, how she needed this.

She freed her mouth from his and let her head fall back. Her fingers were still mangling his shirt and she held him so tightly she knew her hands would be sore by the end of it. When she came it happened upon on her suddenly, one swift rush of pleasure exploding throughout her body. Oh, yes, that was what she needed.

When she was able to open her eyes, she saw Shayne standing there smiling, rubbing his cock over his jeans with one of his beautiful hands.

“Ready for more?”

Objectively speaking, she definitely was, but for some reason, the mind blowing orgasm he had just given her made her think clearly for the first time in weeks. She did up her pants and then pulled on her lab coat again.

“What -”

Diana cut him off with a sweet and gentle kiss, just a press of lips, nothing more. “You’re very cute and that was very nice, but I still fucking hate the Flyers.”

When she tried to walk away, he grabbed her arm, tugging her back against his body. He wasn’t smiling any more. “What kind of game are you playing?”

“The same one you are, darling. I think it’s called ‘who’s the boss.’ And to be clear…” She pulled her arm free and then grinned at him. “I just won.”

Grown men have been known to behave like small children when they don’t get something they want. Exhibit A: Shayne really wanted to fuck Diana, preferably on her desk or in her desk chair, but if necessary he would have been willing to wait until later than night. Instead, he ended up alone in her office with a boner the size of a fucking oak tree and no hope of sexual satisfaction with Diana anytime soon.

After she left, he went back to work as well, attempted to act like adult. When he and Gudas were done, he roamed the halls of the hospital looking for her. When that proved to be fruitless, he finally went home, sulking like a child. He then proceeded to throw a temper tantrum whenever the opportunity arose - basically whenever anyone would speak to him about anything at all.

A few days later he came to the point where he decided that he wasn’t going to dwell on the woman any longer. It was her loss, as far as he was concerned, and there were plenty of other ready and willing opportunities out there. A few weeks after that, he entered the stage of quiet contemplation - what had he done wrong, what could he do to fix it, would she even let him, etc.

A few weeks after that, the fates offered him one more chance to get it right. The hospital where Diana worked was hosting a fundraising auction and the Flyers had donated season tickets, autographed jerseys, and even a “date” with the Captain himself. A few of the players were asked to make an appearance at the auction, shake some hands, kiss some babies. Shayne, naturally, volunteered.

Diana hated black tie affairs, especially ones that certain members from a certain hockey team that she couldn’t stand had been invited to. She stood at the bar, nursing a martini and watching Shayne and Giroux on stage. Damn he looked good. A perfectly fitted tux and his hair just barely tamed, Shayne was the very definition of temptation. Too bad she had decided the moment she left him in her office that she could never be alone with the man again.

A pity, really. Quite a shame. A total and utter waste.

Shayne saw Diana the moment he entered the massive hall. She was impossible to miss. His lovely huntress was done up in a navy blue gown that hugged the slopes of her body like a lover. It wasn’t sparky or flashy, but simple and elegant. Her hair was neat in a chignon and her earrings were diamond studs. The slit of the dress gave him a nice view of her thigh as he watched her turn away from him, very obviously ignoring him on purpose.

He did what he had been sent there to do - mingle and pose for photos, but all the while, he watched her, couldn’t have taken his eyes off of her if he tried, in fact. And she kept on pretending she didn’t see him. But when he came up next to her when she was at the bar once more, she didn’t flee.

“Diana the huntress.”

She let out a slow breath and finally said, “Shayne the ghost.”

She turned towards him and smiled, but it was much less proud than the last expression she’d offered him when they were in her office.

“Enjoying yourself?”

Diana paused, taking another sip of her drink before answering. “No. How about you?”

“It’s about what I expected. Lots of sexy doctors at least.”

Diana chuckled. “Take your pick.”

“I already have.”

She could feel him staring, could feel herself starting to be won over by his charm once again. She finished her drink and turned without looking at him. “Pick another one.”

“Diana.” As he said her name, he reached out and took her hand, holding it until she raised her eyes to look at him.

“I’m done playing this game, Shayne.”

“Me too. That’s not why I came over here.”

“So what do you want?”

A simple question, but one with a complicated answer. Shayne didn’t say anything at first; he merely pulled her gently back towards the bar and ordered a drink.

When he looked at her again he spoke his mind. “I’ll try to be as clear as possible, no games.”

Diana nodded and Shayne continued, speaking in hushed, private tones. “What I’d like is to have you underneath me. Right now, a little later, doesn’t matter, but I’d like to feel you under me, warm and welcoming. I’d like to make you come again. Several times. Until you quite honestly can’t take anymore pleasure. I’d like the chance to prove to you that having a man who’s your equal in bed is not something you should run away from so easily. Or so often.”

When he finished speaking, he smiled at her over the rim of his glass.

Too much. That was the definition of Shayne. He was just too much. Too much wit, too much charm, too much sex appeal, too much beauty, too much grace, too much temptation. She couldn’t even lie to herself and claim that her heart hadn’t clenched when he insinuated that he wanted her body under his. Well…her heart certainly felt something, but so did other parts of her anatomy.

Sexy bastard.

Her voice bordered on a squeak when she said, “We’ve only met twice. You don’t have any idea what I want or need from a man.”

“Yeah, maybe, maybe not. But I think you’re a person worth knowing. And I’d like to try and figure you out.”


“Listen, just listen.” Before he continued, he brushed the back of his hand down her bare arm, watching as goosebumps rose on her skin. He moved in closer, carssing his hand back up her arm until it rested on her shoulder, his fingers barely stroking her back. “I don’t care if you hate the Flyers. I don’t care if your dying words are ‘fuck the Flyers,’ but do I care if you lay there on your deathbed regretting the fact that you never fucked a Flyer when you had the chance.”

Diana smirked and then a giggle came out soon after. “Okay, that was pretty clever.”

Shayne grinned back. “Really? I literally just thought of that, I didn’t plan it, I swear.”

How fickle her mind was. She was sure, not two minutes ago, that she would not give in, that she could walk away. But now she found herself falling into him again. And worse, she was smiling about it. Her vagina was thrilled by this shift in thinking, naturally.

“So…what are we doing, Shayne?”

“Right now? We’re gonna dance. And then we’ll see what happens.”

He stepped away from her and held out his hand. Diana just looked at his palm for a moment. She normally didn’t dance. Ever. But then again, she never thought she’d be grinning like a fool over a stupid Flyer either.

She took his hand and he lead her through the crowd until he found a nice, quiet spot. There, he pulled her close, one hand holding her hip, the other interlocking his fingers with hers. And Diana was teetered on the brink of fainting already.

Mostly it was from the heat of him. She was starting to think the man had lava running his veins for as warm as his skin was the touch. She could feel his hand clearly through the thin material of her dress, could even feel the heat where they pressed together chest to chest. His intent stare did little keep her calm, cool, or collected.

To distract herself she asked, “Why did you write me that dedication? You said it was about us, but you couldn't have known you would ever see me again.”

His shoulder shrugged under her palm. “Maybe I just had faith that I would.”

“Pompous ass.”

Shayne pulled her closer. “I was right though. I found you again.”

Diana knew he could feel the tension of her body as his brought their bodies together. And she no longer cared. “Yeah, I guess you did.”

Diana let the subject drop and she let him lead as she followed. She shouldn’t been surprised he was such a good dancer, but she was. Must be all that skating that makes a man light on his feet. She hardly noticed the songs changing, didn’t realize how much time had passed. All she felt was the heat of him, the heat in her own body that he generated. And by the time the last song was announced she had already decided what had to be done about this Flyer in her arms.

When the last song ended Shayne was hard as steel just from holding her, just from the skin he felt with their hands together. He stood there watching her, thoroughly enjoying the way she looked him up and down before she spoke.

“Did you drive here with anyone?”


Diana nodded. And then stared at him a little while longer. Her next words sounded as though they were being forced out of her, as if it was painful for her.

“I have a roommate.”


“Technically, I’m her roommate, it’s her house.”


“It’s my friend, Annabelle, that I was with at the signing. She’s great, but she’ll be home tonight.”


Diana gave him a chance to say something more and when he didn’t she raised her eyebrows at him and sighed. “Are you gonna invite me home with you or what?”

A wise man would have listened to her. But Shayne only teased. “I don’t know, huntress. I need to be sure you want this. You seem reluctant.”

She mumbled something about “reluctant my ass” and then leaned up to kiss him. Shayne didn’t give a shit where they were, this was an invitation he was not going to ignore. He had her in his arms again, hands wandering lower to cup her ass and bring her body flush with his.

A little whimper made her lips tremble and he pushed his tongue inside, making his stance on the matter clear and getting her full participation in return. He loved how aggressively she kissed him, her take no prisoners attitude shining through beautifully. Christ, how he wanted her.

She spoke in breathy tones against his mouth, giving the confirmation he needed. “Take me home. I wanna fuck my Flyer while I have the chance.”

Shayne’s house was just outside the city, a less than humble abode on a less than ordinary block. Giroux lived up the street, Simmonds a few blocks over. Diana merely nodded when he told her this. Her inner monologue asking again what the hell she was doing there.

The house naturally had a living room, a kitchen, a staircase, several empty rooms on the second floor, and a master bedroom with east facing windows. The house was silent and so too was Diana until Shayne took off the coat and stood before her in a dress shirt and pants.



She didn’t answer him, but just came forward, reaching for his bowtie and working it loose. Then she started on the buttons of his shirt. When he reached for her, she paused only to brush his hands away and then went back to work. Yanking the shirt free of his pants she let him release the buttons from the cuffs and shrug out of it.

Her mouth went dry and then flooded with moisture. Swallowing it down she put a hand on his rock hard body. And her palm nearly felt scolded, but she didn’t remove it from his skin.

“Just so we’re on the same page…this is just sex.”

Shayne made a sound of agreement, too busy watching her hand move along his abs and then up towards his chest.

“I don’t date Flyers fans. Personal rule. So I really can’t date an actual Flyer.”

Diana felt his throat vibrate against her fingers when he answered, “Makes sense.”

In reality, he had no intention of letting this thing between them die after one night. Not when her gentle caress made his heart pound or when the sight of her licking her lips while touching his body made his cock throb and push against the barrier of his pants.

He wanted this, wanted her with so much force it was threatening to explode from every fiber of his being. But he would let her say whatever she wanted, agree with her. But he knew damn well this wasn’t just sex and she would know it too once she got a real taste of him.

She finally did just that, bringing her lips to his chest for an open-mouthed kiss before licking along his skin. His fingers delved into her hair, knocking bobby pins free until those silky locks flowed down her back and he could fist his hands in them properly.

He didn’t rush her, though, as much as it pained him. He stood still, letting her mouth and hands explore his torso with patience that he tried desperately to match. After she said his name, his answer came out rougher than he would have liked.


She laughed against his skin and then hooked a hand behind his neck, hauling his mouth against hers. “Am I going too slow?”

Honesty is the best policy, his mother always told him that.


He took her smile in response as permission that he could speed things up. Both hands abandoned her hair and bunched up her dress, hauling it up and off and onto the floor. That was as far as he got. He wanted Diana to give him the rest.

He backed up, jerked his head at her as a silent demand. With a smirk, Diana undid the front clasp of her bra. She had lovely breasts, full globes with pointy nipples. Since we’re all being honest, Diana had been imagining his hands on her breasts, fingers on her nipples for weeks. Among other things.

He roughly told her, “Panties, too.”

When she was fully naked, he swallowed hard and Diana was worried he might want to let his gaze linger as he seemed to do every time he looked at her. Luckily for her, Shayne was done even attempting to pace himself. He sat on the bed, hauling her into his lap as her knees pressed into the mattress on either side of his thighs. As if reading all her desires, his mouth went right to her chest.

And she moaned. Loudly and unashamed. With his thighs under her ass and his arms holding her body against his she felt the full force of his heat. And his mouth on her skin was no better. Every press of his lips on the tips of breasts was hot and wet, but when he nibbled a nipple between his front teeth Diana felt as though she might combust.

“Ahh, fuck. Yes, Shayne. Oh, my God.”

He bit harder and she jerked, but didn’t pull away. He chuckled and moved his mouth to the other nipple.

“I should have known. Fuck it. I did know.”

Now it was her turn to snap back, “What?”

He smacked her ass, both cheeks with both hands, hard and rough, as he met her eyes. “I knew you’d be fucking wild. My huntress. I expected nothing less.”

“Stop calling me that.”


Bossy Shayne put his mouth back to work on her nipples and Diana didn’t see a reason to argue. They would fight about nicknames later. Now she was too busy circling her hips to feel his still covered cock rub against her bare pussy. Plus there was the magic of his mouth.

He could have sampled her skin for weeks. But the smooth, giving flesh of her breasts made him hungry for something more. Shayne turned them and put her under his body for the first time. What he told her had been the most basic expression of his wants. She was perfect like this - naked and panting, thighs open and ready for him.



“Stop looking at me like that.”

He left the promise land of her body to stand and shed his pants. “How am I looking at you?”


Shayne let her look her fill, holding back a laugh that tickled his throat. He grabbed his cock, stroking it just enough to let a few drops of precome slip out.

“You were saying?”

Diana pulled her eyes away from his cock, as hard as it was for her. Hard. And thick, good Lord. What had she been saying? Oh, yeah, right.

“Like I’m the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.”

“And what if you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had in my bed?”

Diana’s heart beat faster against her will. Bad. This was very bad. This was not supposed to happen. They were supposed to fuck and it was supposed to be great and then she was supposed to walk away, ashamed that she even let this Flyer near her, but sated in the very least. She could not fall for that cheesy line and let him draw her in. She could not. Who even means those sentiments uttered in the heat of passion anyway? No one, that’s who. And yet, the man seemed incapable of telling a lie. Which only made him and his declaration even more dangerous.

“Pretend that I’m not. And stop looking at me like that.”


“I feel like I’m talking to a two year old. Is ‘no’ your favorite - holy mackerel! Ugh, shit.”

Shayne lifted his head from between her thighs, licking the first taste of her off his lips. “You wanna finish that thought or you want me to go on?”

“I knew there was a reason I hated the Flyers. You’re all nothing but a pile of…ah, oh, yeah…a bunch of…goddamn. Just a…fuck, I hate you all.”

Shayne hummed against her pussy and then grabbed her thighs, wrapping his arms underneath and then around them. “Don’t stop now. You’re really turning me with all that angry babble. Tell me more about how annoying we all are.”

Diana would have kicked him if she didn’t think he would stop going down on her if she did. Actually, she probably could kick him and he wouldn’t stop because he was licking and sucking her lips like it was for his pleasure and not hers. Of course he was great at giving head; the man was hell bent on being perfect.

Shayne went back to work and Diana couldn’t keep her eyes open when he did. Still, between panting breaths she found the energy to deride him and his team a little more. “Really annoying. So annoying. Ugly uniforms. Borning logo. Annoying. All of you.”

His lips found her clit and sucked. Diana’s hips thrust off the best, rubbing herself against his rough chin and swollen mouth.

“Is this annoying you?”

“Yes. You annoy me, Shayne.”

He sucked at the little nub again, flicking his tongue over it when it was between his lips. “How’s that, annoying?”

“Oh, yeah, so annoying.” He jokingly pulled away and groaned when she reached down to thread her fingers through his hair and pull his face back towards her pussy. “Don’t fucking stop. Annoy me all damn night.”

This time she kept her eyes open and locked with his as he poked his tongue out to circle her clit. Hot. He was so damn hot, skin on skin, eyes on eyes, the man was smoking hot. And when she came she burned even brighter, pulsing of pleasure radiating fire through her body. So much so that she was sure she would never be cold again.

Shayne shoved her limp body further up the bed, crawling between her still spread thighs and settling between them. His cock could feel the last few shudders of orgasm as it pressed lengthwise against her slit.

“Diana.” She didn’t reply and Shayne nuzzled her neck gently with his nose. “Huntress.”


“You want me to keep annoying you?”

“Oh…Shayne. Yes. Please do.”

Yeah, he liked this Diana best: weak and biddable underneath him, willing and warm in her post-orgasm bliss. He kissed along her jaw, muttering against her skin, “Spread open for me, Diana. Just a little more.”

Her legs parted until it her inner thighs resisted and she wrapped her arms around his broad upper back. She felt the fat head of his cock press against her and she moaned with her bottom lip between her teeth.

“Yes, yes, please.”

“Fuck. No bullshit, you moaning and begging for my cock is the hottest thing I’ve heard in my life.”

Fair enough, since him dirty talking was the hottest thing she had heard in her life. Still, he was a fucking Flyer and she wasn’t ready to admit that. Not yet, anyway.


“I know. I know, baby.” He pressed in slowly, letting her g-spot feel every inch of him sliding across it until he was planted deep and Diana was panting again while licking her lips. He was not going to last long at this rate. “If you want me to do this all night you really need to at least try and be less sexy.”

A strangled laugh came from her lips and she grinned up at him, telling him, “You’ve been playing like shit lately and the Flyers are never gonna win another Cup.”

“That works. I’m even hard anymore.”

Her vagina knew better. “I beg to differ.”

“Oh, good. I love when you argue with me. By the way, the Penguins fucking suck and last year was a fluke.”
Diana gasped in shock, but his tongue across hers stole any backtalk she was thinking about shouting. Plus there was the matter of his cock now thrusting inside her.

Fuck it. I can kill him for that later.

She held him perfectly, her cunt just deep enough to let him bury himself fully. But he was still a tight fit and he could feel every flex of her inner walls with every thrust. After a while, he could move a little easier and then it felt like he was making a home inside her. And she loved it. Soft whimpers made her lips shake against his and her nails ran up and down his back again and again.

Diana was angry. Not because of the Penguins comment, but because she was going to come again and it bothered her that he was this damn good. He just gotten started, how did she already feel liable to burst with pleasure? Bastard.

He broke from her mouth, coaxing her along. “That feels good. Keep doing that, Diana. Make it tighter around me. Let me see you come again. I know you want to.”

Smug bastard.

Out of spite, she held herself back, thinking about how much she really did hate the Flyers, how annoying this pompous man inside of her was. Shayne only laughed when he saw the look of intense concentration on her face.

“You have to be the first woman I’ve fucked who didn’t want me to make her come.”

“I hate you. I honestly do.”

A look of mock offense contorted his face. “Really? Even though I can do this?”

He shift his hips, just a few inches, thrusting in a more upward direction and hitting her g-spot hard and unforgiving with the head of his cock.

“Ohhh…Ghost.” She shook her head, disagreeing with what he was doing. “Don’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re going to make me come.”

He laughed and kissed her again. “I know, you stubborn woman. That’s the fucking point.”

He thrust in the same manner, hitting that soft spot of her pussy like a bullseye every time. And she couldn’t stop her body from reacting, couldn’t stop the flush of pink rising in her skin, couldn’t stop the tension from building to a peak in her pussy.

Shayne sped up, pressing his knees into the mattress for leverage and tasting the sweat that beaded along her breasts. “Call me Ghost again when you come, okay?”

Had she called him Ghost? Oh, God, she had and that was mortifying. She hated that she even knew his nickname and she really hated it that it come out of her mouth during a vulnerable moment. But then again, it had made him suck his lips against her skin and groan needily.

“Do it, Diana. Come on my cock and say my fucking name.”

“Oh, God. Faster. Just a little faster. Yes! Ah, shit. Ghost. Ghost, don’t stop. I’m coming. I’m fucking coming. I fucking hate you for making me come, Ghost. Fuck!”

Even as she flexed and clenched his cock he didn’t slow. Even when she released her hold on his arms and let them fall against the bed he didn’t slow. He used one hand to bend her leg and press it against his hip, trailing his fingers up her thigh and then further up her body. He took hold of both her wrists and then held them in one of his hands above her head, stretching out her body.

He leaned back for a better look at her. Beautiful. Just fucking beautiful. He used his free hand to seek out her nipples and twist them. They were already red and sensitive and the new pressure made Diana tighten around his cock again.

“I know what I’m getting you for your birthday.”

“Don’t get me anything.”

He ignored her and twisting her nipple again, letting her moan before he told her, “Nipple clamps. That’s what my huntress needs.”

She looked up at him, at his adorable grin and his sweaty, shaggy hair falling across his forehead and it was disconcerting that a man could look so sweet and innocent while being so fucking nasty. She wanted to argue, but she could feel her pussy responding to the suggesting and his smile said he felt it to. She needed a new body, this one just wasn’t working for her mind anymore.
Her mind let her imagine that. Shayne between her thighs like he was now, holding her down, her nipples being pulled tight, the pain filled pleasure she would feel when his bare chest rubbed on hers and those red peaks were stimulated even more.

“Oh, she likes that idea. I can tell.”

“Shayne, just come so I can go home.”

He laughed against her mouth and he felt her smile. “You have to give me one more. I know you have it in you.”

Did she? Okay, yeah, probably. One hand of his still held her wrists down, but he pushed back to open the space between them. She watched his long fingers drag over her breasts until his thumb found her exposed clit and stroked.

With her lips stretching and wrapping around his cock her clit bulged out, easy to find and easier please. He rubbed it a few times, but then pressed it against Diana’s tongue through her panting lips.

“Suck it for me.”

Her lips closed around his digit and her tongue did its work, wetting it thoroughly and only then did he return it to her clit. Somehow he still kept up his pace, still made every thrust feel like he had done this a hundred times before and knew every inch of her body already.

This time when she came, he did as well, letting her pussy suck him dry and exhausted. And then, finally, he was quiet. He had nothing more to say and Diana took full advantage of this, closing her eyes to rest.

When she woke up, she was hot. Too hot. She threw the covers off and found the source of the problem. Shayne’s naked body was pressed against hers. He was on his back, arm stretch out along her pillow and her cheek was against his bicep. Her own personal heater.

And then, she had a moment. One similar to when you wake up after a night of drinking and find the texts you sent your ex. Even though she woke up in bed with him, it took her a moment to realize what she had done.

She was ashamed. Not because he was a Flyer and she was a Pens fan, but because she had used him for sex. Something she had never done before. She didn’t date Flyers fan, honestly, and she could not date a Flyer. Honestly. That could not happen. Honestly.

She needed to go. Now. Preferably without waking him up.

She went to sit up, but his hand pressed to her chest pushed her back down. For good measure, he threw his leg over her hips to pin her in. Then he opened his eyes, meeting hers head on.

“Shayne, I don’t wanna do this with you.”

“Do what?”

“This. The morning after talk. I told you last night -”

He interrupted her by laughing. “So, is this like your kink? You denying yourself pleasure for no good reason?”

She tried to pull away in frustration, but he had her trapped. “No, it’s not my kink. I just -”

“Hate the Flyers, yeah, I know. But I told you, I don’t care if you hate my team. You can still like me.”

She stared at him, lost for words. She did like him. She didn’t want to like him, but she did. She wanted to hate him the way she had always hated Flyers’ players. It pissed her off that she liked him. But she did. She liked him.

Shayne let her lie there, matching her silence. He lifted his leg to expose her body and then brushed his palm down her stomach. When he got close to her pussy, she grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t do that.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Diana.”

“I don’t know why I even bother, you never listen.”

Well, that might be true, but it was ungentlemanly of him to not at least hear her out this time. “Alright, what am I supposed to stop doing this time?”

Two fingers slid into her cunt and Diana gasped, tightening her grip on his wrist but making no move to pull his hand away from her body. He felt her clench around him, but his eyes were focused on hers as they opened again. She whispered back to him, “Stop touching me like that. Stop being so good at everything. Stop making me want you.”

He kissed her once before he answered her. “No.” And again. “No.” And a third time. “No.”

His kiss deepened and so did his fingers. He had no choice but to rub his morning wood against her thigh. He could not believe she was this wet, first thing in the morning. And it was for him. He knew it was. All for him.

He looked at her again. “You have two choices. Admit that your kink is denying yourself pleasure or admit that you like me.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and gently rocked her hips against his hand. She mumbled stubbornly, “I hate the fucking Flyers.”

“I know, my huntress. But that’s not what I asked.”

“I don’t care how long I live here, I will always hate the Flyers.”

“Yes, baby. We both know that. Make your choice. Better do it fast. If you don’t chose I’m going to stop and kick you out of my bed.”

She turned her head, facing him again, letting his dark, intense eyes drink her in once more. “Shayne -”

“You call me Ghost when you come.”

“Ghost…kiss me.”

He rolled slightly to let his mouth land on hers. Then he let his thumb land on her clit. She came with a whimper and bit his lip. She still shuddered around him when she whispered, “I like you.”

Proud. Regal. A goddess. And absolutely at his fucking mercy.

He pulled his fingers free and walked them up her torso before pushing them between her lips so she could taste herself.

“You are beautiful and strong and stubborn, but never forget who’s the boss.”

She smiled around his fingers and then had him back on his back, her thighs straddling his waist, her mouth coming down to kiss his collarbones. “I won’t forget. It’s me, right?”

Shayne knew better than to argue with a woman who was about to ride his cock. Especially this woman. As she sank down on his shaft and sighed he sat up, pulling her against his chest. “It’s you…for now.”


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