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First Love - Part 2


This is the 2nd story in this series.

In this part of the story the lockout shortened season begins and Maddie and James get ready for the birth of their twin boys or at least they think they're having two boys. At her 6 month check up Maddie finds out that one of the twins is really a girl.

On Valentines Day Jordan and Callie get married after they announce a few weeks before that Callie is 3 months pregnant with a baby girl. At the wedding James re-proposes to Maddie. A few days before April Fools day Maddie gives birth to her and James's twins. A week after Maddie gives birth to the twins James gets hurt in a game and is diagnosed with a concussion.

After the Penguins are eliminated from the playoffs in June James and Maddie decide to have a real wedding on the day of their anniversary since they eloped the first time.

In August Callie gives birth to her and Jordan's baby girl who they end up naming after Maddie.



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