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Barefoot Blue Jean Night


Lauren Adams is a business woman, a self made millionaire so to speak. But the millionaire part doesn't make her who she is. Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada, she knew how to stay humble and remain a 'regular girl.'
This is exactly what Tyer Seguin liked about Lo. He himself had lots of money and had a hard time finding a girl that liked him for who he was. Tyler found himself addicted to Lo and her small town personality.
Can Tyler and Lauren endorse the 'age is but a number' saying and build a future together? Or is it enough to tear them apart?

Note: This is my story. I also have it posted on Mibba.


  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4

    2nd post tonight. please read chp3

  5. Chapter 5

  6. Chapter 6

    2 for today. Read 5 first

  7. Chapter 7

  8. Chapter 8

  9. Chapter 9


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