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Dr. Grey Will See You Now

Chapter 27: Making up is better making love

Kris had a blast spending time with his teammates and friends. It was nice to celebrate with them.
"Glad here." Geno says.
"Me too." Kris says.
"So glad you got to be there for the win and to see us advance in the playoffs." Phil says.
"Yeah it was awesome." Jake says.
"Yeah I am glad too, just wish i was out there on the ice with you." Kris says.
"You will be soon." Sid says.
They talk a little bit more. Sid got a few texts from Madison.
"What's wrong?" Kris asks seeing his face.
"Where is your phone?" Sid asks.
"It died so I left it in your car." Kris says.
"OH Madison has been texting you and she is worried." Sid says.
"OH okay." Kris says.
"Dude you should go home and be with her. " Jake says.
"Yeah I kinda blew up at her earlier." Kris says.
"Def go home then." Geno says.
"Okay guy thanks for letting me hang out." Kris says.
"Yeah see ya guys Saturday at practice." Sid says.
Sid and Kris throw down money towards their end of the bill and they head to Sid's truck.
"Hey man can you stop at the gorcery store first." Kris says.
"Sure but what do you need?" Sid asks.
"Carnation." Kris says,

"Gotcha." Sid says.
They head to the grocery store. Kris goes in and gets the carnations. He gets her three dozen in pink. He then gets back into Sid's truck and they head to Kris's.
"Thanks man for the ride." Kris says.
"You are welcome. See you around." Sid says.
"Yeah I will be starting my rehab training at the facility in a few weeks." Kris says.
"Good we need you healthy and strong next season." Sid says.
"Yeah I know that is the plan." Kris says.
He goe inside. He puts the flowers in a vase and heads up to the bedroom with them. He finds Madison sound to sleep on his side of the bed wrapped around his pillow. He smiled she looked so cute. He felt bad for blowing up at her earlier. He throws his phone on the charger and then changes out of his suit and int a pair of shorts and climbs into bed beside. He snuggles up beside her kissing her cheek.
"Kris?" Madion asks softly feeling him climb into bed and kiss her cheek.
"Yeah baby it is me." Kris says.
Madison opened her eyes fully. She turns over putting her hands on both sides of his face needing to feel him making sure it wasn't a dream.
"I am so sorry that I made you mad baby." Madison says.
"I am sorry for blowing up at you like I did." Kris says.
"It't okay we both acted crazy tonight." Madison says.
"Yes we did." Kris says.
"HOw is your neck?" Madison asks.
"Fine baby. No pain at all." Kris says.
"Good I am glad baby. I am sorry that I told you I didn't want you to go baby I was just looking out for you becase I don't want you hurt." Madison says.
"I know baby I realize that now however I am fine." Kris says.
"Good baby." Madison says.
"I bought you flowers." Kris says.
"They are beautiful." Madison says sitting up.
"Not as beautiful as you." Kris says kissing her.
"Aww baby." Madison says.
"I mean it baby. I am sorry I was an asshole but I want to make it up to you." Kris says kissing her again.
"Okay baby what do you want to do." Madison says.
"I want to make love to my fiancee." Kris says.
"Are you sure you are okay enough to?" Madison asks.
"Yes baby I am sure. I have no pain and I will take it nice and slow." Kris says.
"Okay but if you start to get pain we stop." Madison says.
"Okay baby. I promise." Kris says.
"God I want you baby I have for so many nights but didn't want to hurt you or set you back." Madison says as they slowly strip each other of their remainging clothes.
"I wanted you too baby." Kris moans as Madison gently pushes back onto the bed.
"Let me do the work baby." Madison moans.
"Okay baby." Kris moans as she pushes onto him and starts to move.
"God Kris." Madison moans as he grabs her hips moving them.
"God baby I have missed this." Kris moans.
"Me too baby." MAdison moans moving a little harder.
She kept moving up and down driving them both to release.
"God Maddie." Kris moans cumming hard inside her.
"God baby." Madison moans cumming with him.
They ride it out together. Madison lays down on his chest.
"I love you Madison Grey." Kris says linking his fingers with hers resting them on his stomach.
"I love you too Kristopher Letang." Madison says.
"Am I forgiven?" Kris asks.
"Yes baby you are forgiven. However next time can we compramise instead of hurting each other." Madison asks.
"Yes I will try not to let my anger consume my common sense." Kris says.
"Good. Now get some rest." Madison says.
"Okay baby." Kris says.
They fall asleep cuddled up against each other.



Love the new chapters! And I'll always listen to you too!! :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Thank you! hope you like the most recent updates! And I am always here for you too! I am a great listener!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58

So amazing!!!

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

Totally love it! And I'm always here for you :)

nyrangers20 nyrangers20

ha ha :) its okay we are all a little weird!

TangersGirl58 TangersGirl58