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Project Blackhawk (or The Blackhawk Experiment)

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A few seconds after Pronger vanished with Jonathan,

Dave Bolland, Brandon Bollig and Andrew Shaw skidded to a halt, arriving at the Flyers’ Arena finally. They paused to catch their breath, hiding behind one of the trees to the side of the arena. Brandon tapped Dave on the shoulder and pointed at a van, parked oddly in the lot. It was one of the few vehicles in the lot and it was sideways, as though something had been unloaded from it.

“That’s the kidnapping van!” Andrew exclaimed. “Oh, we have to get Jonny out of there!”

“I know, come on, let’s get inside?” Dave stated and motioned with his hand for them to follow.

“We have to go into there. Man, this is like the only time you’ll hear me say this, but I don’t want to go inside the Wells Fargo Center,” Brandon whined softly.

Andrew shot him a look and nodded.

They crept into the building and snuck around, looking for anything suspicious. There were a few Flyers players walking around, as though on patrol for any trespassers, but they didn’t seem to notice the trio at all.

The three men peered into every room, looking for something out of the ordinary or Pronger or Jonathan or something. They finally came to a partially opened door and peered in. They spotted a lonely chair and a time pad on the ground. Dave gasped and slipped in first. The others followed. They shut the door and walked over to the pad and chair.

“Where did he get this?” Dave spat, picking up the cylindrical pad. “That Flyer is nothing but trouble!” He looked at it and then cocked his head. “Wait a minute...why would he leave this behind though? What is he playing at?”

Andrew came up and poked Dave in the shoulder. “There are bigger problems man.”

“What now?” Dave sighed, turning to him.

“This,” Andrew remarked, holding out a piece of paper.

Dave took it. He set the pad down on the chair and looked at the paper, reading it. His eyes slowly widened and then he looked up at Andrew and Brandon. “This is bad.”

“We’ve only got twelve hours to fix this problem or…” Dave began, choking on the words.

“...or Chicago loses the Kazer,” Andrew finished.

“Oh man, how are we going to do that. We don’t know where Patrick even is?” Brandon questioned. “He could be God-knows where and Jonathan too. How are we supposed to find them and save them and fix this all in twelve hours? We don’t even have any clues as to where they could possibly be!”

“No, we don’t, but this pad does. Avery might be evil and a damn good villain, but he’s a dumbass. We get on the pad and teleport and we find Patrick, Pronger and Jonny most likely.” Dave looked at them.

“Wait, or we could just stay here and be ready when they come back?” Andrew suggested.

“IF they come back. Heck Pronger’s probably killing Jonathan and Patrick right now.”

“He CAN’T!”

“He CAN! We use the pad and find them! Or Chicago’s done for.”

“But why is it random here? Maybe its a trap! Pronger probably knows about us and he’s setting us up for something!” Andrew questioned. “I’d much rather prefer the element of surprise by staying here.”

“We don’t know. That is true, but this is our best option right now. We have to use it. And we can’t waste any time just waiting around for Pronger to come back, if he even does.”

“Wait a second you guys,” Brandon said. He was standing behind a podium. “No one leaves yet, because I just found something pretty amazing...well in a bad way, Shawzy get the lights please?”

Dave and Andrew looked at the Shark, with awkwardly confused looks. He was fidgeting around with something. Andrew shrugged and walked over to the light switch. He flipped it down, turning the lights off. There was a projected light on the far wall of the room. Before long a recording popped up on the screen.

It said, “Project Blackhawk” in big letters. Someone was filming Chris Pronger, who stood to the side of the board with a despicable grin. Zac Rinaldo sat in one of the chairs in the room.

“Andrew Shaw is not a fan of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews,” Pronger spoke in the recording. “He is highly disgusted and annoyed and I say he has every reason to feel that way. But he shouldn’t be included in this plan, because he’s a Blackhawk. So, I say that we gather together and do something about the Kazer together, ourselves!”

“How did he--? What?” Andrew blurted out.

“Shh, Shawzy, keep it down and watch!” Dave spat.

The recording showed a gathered group of people, including Michal Therrien, Phil Kessel, Zac Rinaldo, the mystery recorder, as well as a few other players from the NHL. They were all wearing villainous looks.

“So what are you planning on doing about it, Prongs?” Rinaldo asked.

“Let’s give him what he wants, grant his wish. But let’s do it with a Pronger-sized twist. After doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that we should conduct a little experiment, appropriately being named “Project Blackhawk”. We are going to go back in time and split up Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. And we’re going to stage everything. Therrien and Kessel, I want you in Chicago. Kessel, you are the leader...the Captain, be ruthless and keep all the players in line. If anyone so much as mentions ‘Kazer’, ‘Patrick Kane’, ‘Patrick’, ‘Kaner’, ‘Jonathan’, ‘Tazer’...etc...you handle it. And Therrien, make sure the team remains at the bottom. When I learn what team Jonathan and Patrick go to, I will handle them when the time comes.”

Therrien stood up. “I actually know someone who has a time machine. He just finished it, but I think he’d be fine with you using it...and by ‘fine’, I mean, I’m sure you can demand that he give it to you.”

“Good, good, who is it?”

“John Tavares.”

“Fuck!” Andrew gasped. “Tavares?”

“So Pronger got his time stuff from the Islander’s Captain?!” Brandon questioned.

“Not the Islander’s Captain! Oh God! John’s the Alternate Captain and he’s injured…” Andrew told.

“Injured? You don’t think--?” Dave began.

“No, he couldn’t have--?” Andrew shook his head.

“I think we’ll find out!” Brandon stated, pointing to the projection.

“Project Blackhawk, Day 2,” a voice spoke, as the recording transitioned to a new day.

In the film, Pronger arrived at John Tavares’ house. He knocked on the door a few times, before it opened. John instantly slammed the door shut on Pronger, who winked to the recorder and rammed against the door, causing it to fly open and bang against the wall inside. The Flyer stomped into the house and chased after John, catching him. The blond man punched the - at the time - Islander in the face.

“What do you want, Pronger?” John demanded.

“Where’s the time machine Tavares?”

“Like I’d tell you!” John spat.

“Fine, don’t tell me, you’ll regret it though. I’ll find it sooner or later and when I do, you’re so going to not be enjoying life.”

“Oh my God, I think I am beginning to understand what happened. Pronger must have injured John, and stuck him in Chicago. He’s trapped and I think it’s because Pronger is having him be watched so he doesn’t escape!” Andrew blurted out. “This is awful!”

“Quiet Shawzy!” Dave and Brandon both barked.

On the screen, Pronger slammed John in the wall of his house and knocked him out. Then he turned to the person recording and said, “Make sure he becomes a Blackhawk when we do our thing...I want eyes on him.”

They left the house, with the camera focusing on John, who lay on the ground unconscious. The recording cut to black.

“Project Blackhawk, Day 3.”

The screen blinked back to life. Pronger and all the villains were once more in the conference room. But Pronger had a hold of the time pad and was prepping it.

“You won’t get away with this, Pronger! That’s not the only time machine!” John Tavares’ mock brave voice shouted.

The camera cut to him. He was trapped like an animal in a cage, beside Therrien. His wrists were bound together with tape and he was wearing some kind of collar, which had red lights flashing on it.

“No Tavares!” Therrien snapped.

John cowered in the cage and shut up. Pronger gave a wicked grin.

“There’s no one who can stop me! We go on with Project Blackhawk. Say goodbye to the present as you know it John Tavares the Islander, cause soon you, Gabriel Landeskog, Brandon Saad, Patrick Sharp, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane will all be pawns in my devilish scheme. Isn’t that right, Burish? Goodbye to Kazer!”

The camera flipped around to finally reveal the mysterious recorder. It was Adam Burish. He flashed the lens a devilish grin. And with that the recording ended. Andrew’s mouth was open wide. All that came from his mouth were forced “uh” noises. Brandon was shaking with shock and fear and Dave was in disbelief.

“Was that--?” Andrew finally squeaked.

Dave drew in a large breath. “Adam Burish? Yes, yes it was.”

“But Bur’s one of us?” Brandon argued.

“Well, according to this...he’s not. He’s been in cahoots with Pronger all this time! I don’t believe it! Son of a bitch!” Dave stated, articulating each words.

“So Bur’s evil?” Andrew and Brandon questioned. “Inconceivable!”

“It appears so. And that worries me more. How many more people are involved with this? And also, what happened to John?” Dave thought out loud, looking between Brandon at the podium and Andrew to his left side.

“He got injured. I assume Therrien did something!” Andrew stated.

Brandon looked down at the podium and cocked his head. He dropped down behind it and then stood back up, holding another disc in his hand. “Actually, Therrien didn’t do it...Phil Kessel did.”

“Kessel hurt Tavares?” Andrew questioned. “This just gets more and more messed up and complex by the minute. But how do you know Kessel did it?”

“It’s labeled on the disc.” The Shark forward popped the disc in and took out the other one. He played it.

Instantly, there was a staticy noise, before the camera clicked on. Though the image on the screen was cast in dim light, it was bright enough to show two figures. John Tavares and Phil Kessel. Kessel looked at the camera and then walked over to John. He purposefully assaulted him with his hockey stick, beating the crap out of him.

“Stop it! Stop it! No more!! This is as bad as watching Jonathan fight Patrick in that video!!” Andrew shrieked.

Brandon stopped it.

“How could Pronger be so heartless...and what they did to John Tavares...my gosh, we need to find Patrick and Jonathan NOW. I fear for what the NHL and world will become if he succeeds in killing any of them off! We use the pad and find them or die trying,” Dave remarked, justly.

“Right, Bolly, this has gotten so much more dangerous!” Andrew remarked.

Brandon and Andrew shared a look and then sighed and shrugged. Dave tossed the pad on the ground now, jumped on and pressed the button. Brandon and Andrew joined him and then they were surrounded by blue lightning and pulled into the time warp traveling to the destination.

“Beware for anything, when we get to the time period,” Dave warned.


A Shruinger, like I said, I'm so sorry for what I did to Tavy. Now you understand... :(
Tavy owns a time travel device!! :) And Therrien, Bur and Kessel are in on the plan!!
Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Next up: Where's Patrick? And Jonathan?


It's okay, it took time for me too :P That's how I pictured Sid like when I was in 8th grade (except less violent than your view of Sid), but now I picture him as a 4 year old stuck in a 27 year old's body! XDDDD

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
Yeah, yeah, my bad, I'm still getting the grasp of that. XP And yeah, but I think in my stories Evil Sid is the alter ego of Sid. But I love Evil Sid, cause he's a great villain, like Pronger and Rinaldo and Avery. ;)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

It's bad-good, not good-evil character-- John is a bad-good character! Yes! John is exactly as sly as a fox! Perfect simile for him! :D And Evil Sid and Sid are two complete different people!

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
I feel like we both think of him like a good-evil. It's how I see Sid too. But with Sid its more Sid and then Evil Sid almost like an alter-ego thing, with Tavy though I think he's more sly...like a fox! Tavy's a fox!! :)

EvelynaKitty EvelynaKitty

Okay, good! :)
Yes, it's better for John to save them! :D Geez, is it me or does John seem like the type of guy who would work behind the bad guys' back, tricking them, like in Mission how no one knew Tazer was staying with John?

A Shruinger A Shruinger