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Nashville Nights


Once Tris' true role is discovered, she decided to guard the Predators with her life. But what would happen if she figures out that danger cannot be avoided by the team, considering the danger is at their home arena?

This story is started by a weird time gasp in my first story, The Apocalypse: The Cause on Wattpad. At least, the hand written version.

Rated PG-13 for some violence, a little bad language and some horror stuff. After all, this is Supernatural.


Kay Robertson

Kay Robertson

Tris' friend that gets injured by the Predator. He does like Tris, but hardly anyone knows about it. He is the star rookie on the Predators.



She is the trainer and Tris' fellow hunter. She is also Tris' older sister and knows the team better than Tris.

The Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators

The team that is in danger from the creature. Tris is also friends with many of the players.

Tris Farron

Tris Farron

Goes by Shannon or Emilyanne. She is an Angel learning how to recontrol her powers, but will often act like a normal human. She is the narrator of the story.


  1. Poughskeepie

    Drop Everything and DO SOMETHING!

  2. Planning

    "Ice Age? As in the Movie?"

  3. The Kids are Alright...

    "Are you really a trainer and a secretary?"

  4. Sacrifice

    "Take them outside and run! Don't turn around!"

  5. Gone

    Kay's Perspective

  6. Escape

    "Where did I put my phone?"- Tris' Perspective

  7. Location

    "I can still shop, right?"

  8. Reunion

    "Do you need help with that?"

  9. Caught

    "We're here and...follow the buzzards?"

  10. Battleground

    "Let's go fight some injustice."

  11. Aftermath

    "Well, now what?"

  12. Epilogue

    "I guess that guy just won't stop stalking her."


Well, update on San Jose segment:
Sometime soon, the first chapter will be up. I already have a plot in mind. Hehehe...it's going to be good.
#Believethat #AlwaysKeepWriting

divergent_spn35 divergent_spn35

I read the whole story! Yay, you took my suggestion for San Jose! :D Thanks! :)))
I liked the story a lot! I enjoyed reading it! :D Thanks for writing it! ;)

A Shruinger A Shruinger

@A Shruinger
Well, since this story is almost done, I am considering new places for the team to go, so San Jose might be a location in consideration. #BelieveThat. #AlwaysKeepWriting

divergent_spn35 divergent_spn35

I read the chapter! :) My hockey team, the Sharks, are doing very well! :D We're on a winning streak!!! So does that mean that the Sharks are gonna be in this story??? 8D XD Yes, yes, I like that: #AlwaysKeepWriting! ;)

A Shruinger A Shruinger

669 views!!! (Internally fangirling!) Thank you so much for reading!
Also, I go my tablet fixed, so I will be updating this series more often! With even more references...curse you can come! But, with the updates, you can #Believe that. #Always Keep Writing

divergent_spn35 divergent_spn35