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The Moonstone Starlet


This fanfic tells the story of Elia Downs, a 24 year old film maker hired to work on a documentary for the Chicago Blackhawks. Initially not a hockey fan, Elia finds herself falling for hockey, and maybe finding the pieces of whats missing in her life. Will she end up with one of the Blackhawks?


  1. The Prologue

    Elia Downs is offered a new job

  2. Chapter 2

    Elia's 1st Practice

  3. Chapter 2

    Elia & the guys meet up for karaoke

  4. Chapter 3

    The end of preseason approaches.

  5. Chapter 4

  6. Chapter 5

    The Blackhawks get their first win of the season

  7. Chapter 6

    Elia and Jon go for a run

  8. Chapter 7

    The IR and the WAG

  9. Chapter 8

    LAX to PHX

  10. Chapter 9

    Hotel Espionage

  11. Chapter 10

    Montrose Harbor

  12. Chapter 11

    Elia starts spending more time with Adam

  13. Chapter 12

    Elia and the Hawks lose to LA

  14. Chapter 13

    Elia Makes a Decision

  15. Chapter 14

    Elia has a date, and goes to Buffalo for Christmas

  16. Chapter 15


  17. Chapter 16

    New Year, New Games

  18. Chapter 17

    Trouble lives on the east coast

  19. Chapter 18

    Fashion week continues, Elia takes a hockey break

  20. Chapter 19

    Slumpbusting and the end of the regular season

  21. Chapter 20

    The Playoffs start, Chicago goes crazy for the Blackhawks

  22. Chapter 21

    Everything Changes

  23. Chapter 22

  24. Chapter 23

    The 2010-2011 season comes to an end

  25. Chapter 24

    Lake Powell houseboat week begins

  26. Chapter 24

    From Utah to Chicago and across the pond

  27. Chapter 25

    A First Date in Boston

  28. Chapter 26

    Summer time in Nova Scotia

  29. Chapter 27

    Cons, Changes and Moves

  30. Chapter 28

    Cup Day

  31. Chapter 29

    Is it rumor or rumour?

  32. Chapter 30

    Bros before hoes, right?

  33. Chapter 31

    New jobs

  34. Chapter 32

    Meet me in the club, it's going down

  35. Chapter 33

    It can't be over

  36. Chapter 34

    The sunrise and the sunsets, you're lying while you confess, keep trying to explain

  37. Chapter 35

  38. Chapter 26

    things can't be fixed until they're wrecked

  39. Chapter 37

    Taylor Hall gets laid more than you

  40. Chapter 38

    Sid Crosby eats a pb&j before every single game

  41. Chapter 39

    The inaugural Savard Downs Partnership for Brain Injury Research Winter Ball 2012

  42. Chapter 40

    Losing Streak

  43. Chapter 41

    Where she was always meant to be

  44. Chapter 42

    Did he go and leave you all alone

  45. Chapter 43

    People in glass houses shouldn't make out in the living room

  46. Chapter 44

    “The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being.” ― Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

  47. Chapter 45

    It just comes natural

  48. Chapter 46

  49. Chapter 47


  50. Chapter 48


  51. Chapter 49

    Eliminated in the first round

  52. Chapter 50

    Cinco de Mayo

  53. Chapter 51

    It's a Lockout

  54. Chapter 52

    beaucoup de jours...

  55. Chapter 53

  56. Chapter 54


  57. Chapter 55

    Do you think about me now and then? Do you think about me now and then? Cause I'm coming home again

  58. Chapter 56

    Which path to take?

  59. Chapter 57


  60. Chapter 59

  61. Epilogue


Well. There goes my reason for coming to the site. Brava on being done! Hope you find inspiration to write another story.


omg its done.... what am i gonna read now :( So good girl!

hockeygirl07 hockeygirl07

What an amazing story. I can't believe it is over.

runawaycherry93 runawaycherry93


hockeygirl07 hockeygirl07

That was beautiful!!! Made me teary. Is this the end?

KWeber8771 KWeber8771