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The Hockey Life


Twenty two year old Lena Stratton loves hockey. It has been a huge part of her life ever since she was born. As a dedicated hockey player and Blackhawks fan, she is extremely excited when she finds out that she has been chosen for an internship with the Hawks during her Christmas break of her senior year of college. She expects it to be a great experience, but as it turns out, her dream internship ends up changing her life forever.


  1. The Internship

    Lena finds out that she has been chosen for the internship she applied for with the Chicago Blackhawks.

  2. Congratulations

    Lena tells her internship news to Tess and her family and her and Tess get through their first day of exams.

  3. Going Home

    Lena and Tess finish their exams and then they head home to visit their families for winter break.

  4. The First Day

    Lena gets home and spends the rest of the day with her family. The next day, she goes to the UC for her first day of her internship.

  5. Lovestruck

    Lena & the other interns help the team out at practice & she realizes just how big of a crush she has on her favorite player.

  6. The Interview

    Lena gets to interview Patrick Kane and then she has to head back to the apartment for hockey practice.

  7. A Surprise Visit

    Lena gets through her fourth & fifth days of her internship, which consist of a lot of excitment and surprises.

  8. Game Day

    Lena and Dylan finally get to work at their game and things start to get more interesting between them.

  9. Call Me Maybe

    A Christmas Eve Party is held at the UC. Lena is pleasantly surprised by the party.

  10. Christmas

    Lena heads home for Christmas and spends her time bonding with family, Tess, and...Patrick Kane.

  11. You're a Natural

    Lena goes back to the UC while the Hawks are away and realizes that she actually misses Patrick.

  12. In The Club

    Lena has another day at the UC and she runs into some famliar faces at a new club with Tess.

  13. Can I Call You Lean?

    Lena & the other interns work at the game, which brings a few surprises to Lena and her brother.

  14. Jealousy

    Joey the Junior Reporter visits the UC and there is tension between Dylan and Lena as her and Patrick get closer.

  15. The Final Competition

    Lena & the other interns review & prepare for the end competition. On the last day of the internship, they go through the competition and find out the winners.

  16. Happy New Year

    Lena & Tess go to Jonathan's place for his New Years Party and unexpected events ensue.

  17. Relationship Material

    Lena finds out what is yet to come after her first New Years kiss with Patrick.

  18. The First Date

    Lena finally finds out what Patrick had planned for her when they go out on their first date.

  19. Separation

    Lena and Patrick deal with being separated for a whole week after their first date, which is the longest they've been away from each other since they've met.

  20. It's Official

    Lena goes to the UC for a morning skate and gets unexpected surprises from both Patrick and Dylan.

  21. Drama

    Lena talks to Dylan and tells Tess about the exciting events of the day.

  22. Satisfaction

    Lena and Tess go to the game at the United Center and end the day on a good note.

  23. One Week

    Lena goes through a week of Patrick coming and going with his hockey schedule and she decides to try to patch things up with Dylan.

  24. Popsicles and the Friend Zone

    Lena and Dylan talk things out and Lena and Tess make a funny video for Patrick and Jonathan.

  25. Action

    Lena and Patrick hang out and Lena recieves a pleasant surprise.

  26. Paparazzi

    Lena and Patrick discover that their relationship has become extremely public and Patrick returns to his family in Buffalo.

  27. Parental Problems

    Lena spends a day with her parents and finishes it with Patrick.

  28. Meet the Parents

    Patrick meets Lena's parents for the first time and he has dinner with them along with Lena and Brian.

  29. Welcome To Buffalo

    Lena and Patrick head to Buffalo and she meets his family for the first time.

  30. Be Mine

    Lena and Patrick enjoy Valentine's Day together after Lena runs into a certain someone downtown.

  31. Getting Closer

    Lena receives an exciting phone call and she and Patrick start to get a little closer...

  32. Busy Lives

    Lena and Tess attend the game and the after game activities don't go the way Lena expected; the next day she continues training at the United Center.

  33. The Worst Words

    Patrick and Lena have a Skype date while the Hawks are in Vancouver & Johnny and Kaner manage to annoy each other like always.

  34. Let's Get Awkward

    Lena has a very awkward moment and an awkward day all in all.

  35. Sharp Pain

    Lena gets some good trainer experience at a game and she plans a date with Patrick.

  36. Peacock

    Lena's date with Patrick gets canceled but they make new plans that cause Tess to tease Lena.

  37. Sleepover

    Lena goes on her date with Patrick and things go a lot better than expected.

  38. Graduates

    The Hawks continue with playoffs and Lena, Tess, and even Dylan celebrate when they finish college.

  39. Championship

    Lena and Tess attend Dylan's championship game.

  40. Three Words

    Patrick has an epiphany about Lena and the Hawks play four more playoff games, winning three of them.

  41. Beach Love

    Lena, Tess, Kaner and Tazer enjoy their day at the beach.

  42. Sequin

    The Hawks play their last game against the Kings and Lena meets one of Patrick's heartthrob friends.

  43. Intern Reunion

    Lena and her fellow ex-interns are reunited for some the Boston and Chicago matchups.

  44. The Stanley Cup Final

    Lena, her family, and Tess head to TD Garden and watch the new 2013 champions hoist the cup at last.

  45. Celebration

    Lena and her friends celebrate the Stanley Cup with with the Hawks and Lena has her own private celebration with Patrick the next day.

  46. A Parade and a Pool Party

    Lena and her friends continue to celebrate the Cup win at the parade & rally, as well as an afterparty at Bickell's place.

  47. Stanley Cup Summer

    Lena spends most of her summer celebrating with Patrick and Tess does the same with her new boyfriend, Jonathan.

  48. New Jobs

    As the summer ends, a lot changes for Lena, Dylan, and the Hawks.

  49. Hockey and Halloween

    The regular hockey season starts and Patrick has a big Halloween party for the team at his apartment.

  50. Trade Offs

    The Blackhawks make a sad, yet exciting trade and Lena goes on a fun road trip with the team.

  51. Thanksgiving

    Lena and her family go to Buffalo for Thanksgiving with the Kanes and Patrick has an important talk with his dad.

  52. November Birthdays

    Lena's birthday arrives and Patrick does his best to make sure she has a great day.

  53. New Interns

    Tess and Lena go Christmas gift shopping and a new internship begins at the United Center.

  54. Plans

    Tess has a low-key birthday, the internship progresses, and Lena makes Christmas plans with Patrick.

  55. Home For Christmas

    Patrick and Lena head to her parents' house for Christmas.

  56. Another New Year

    The internship comes to a close and Jonathan Toews has another one of his New Years Eve parties.

  57. Chills

    Patrick and Lena celebrate their one year anniversary.

  58. Big News

    Lena and Patrick tell their families and friends their big news.

  59. Sick

    As Lena and Patrick go back to work, they run into a couple obstacles.

  60. Save the Date

    Lena and Patrick begin to realize exactly how much planning they have to do for their wedding once they choose a date for it.

  61. Engagement Party

    Tess and Lena's mom throw an engagement party for the newly engaged couple.

  62. Something's Up

    Lena and Patrick spend some time together and prepare for Sochi as well as the announcement of their wedding party.

  63. Let the Olympic Games Begin

    Kane goes through a difficult time before going to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

  64. Bronze and Gold

    The Olympics continue and Patrick and Lena reveal who they have chosen to be in the wedding party.

  65. Say Yes To the Dress

    Lena and her bridal party go wedding dress shopping and she chooses a gown for the wedding.

  66. Roommate Request

    Tess and Lena remember that their lease on their apartment is up and Lena gets a roommate request.

  67. New Homes

    Lena and Tess move out of their apartment and into their new places.

  68. Hurt

    Patrick and Jonathan both get injured, which changes a lot for them, as well as Tess and Lena.

  69. Pushin' Me Away

    Things get heated when a simple conversation turns into an argument between Lena and Patrick.

  70. Sorry

    Lena and Patrick take some time alone to figure things out and consult their friends.

  71. Elimination

    Playoffs continue and so does wedding planning.

  72. Seven Months

    Tyler Seguin shows up to hang out with Patrick and the wedding party decides on dresses and suits for the big day.

  73. Dreamer

    Lena hangs out with her former fellow interns and Dylan deals with some complicated feelings.

  74. Change

    Lena and Patrick enjoy their summer and Dylan announces some exciting news.

  75. Hockey's Back

    Dylan gets accustomed to being a part of the Blackhawks.

  76. Rookies

    The preseason continues, Tess & Jonathan prepare for a party with Lena and Pat, & Lena has trouble dealing with her stress.

  77. Bad Day

    Lena has a bad day and it causes an argument between her and Patrick.

  78. Mistakes

    As Patrick and Lena deal with their problems, a few mistakes are made.

  79. Making A Scene

    The Hawks have their first game of the season and Patrick makes a bit of a scene.

  80. Paranoid

    The Hawks have their first home game, the team Halloween party happens at Sharpy's place, and Patrick and Lena celebrate Halloween.

  81. Reunion Game

    Lena gets back together with her old hockey team for a game, but things don't go as well as she would have liked.

  82. Just A Little Headache

    The doctors figure out what's wrong with Lena.

  83. Parties Galore

    Lena has a bridal shower and she and Patrick attend their bachelorette and bachelor parties.

  84. Winter Holidays

    Patrick and Lena celebrate Christmas, New Years, and their anniversary.

  85. I Do

    The day of the wedding finally arrives, and Patrick and Lena say, "I Do."

  86. The Reception

    Now that Patrick and Lena are married, they get to celebrate their new marriage at their wedding reception.

  87. Welcome To Honolulu

    Patrick and Lena head to Honolulu for their honeymoon.

  88. Change of Heart

    Patrick and Lena continue to enjoy their honeymoon, but an important topic comes up.

  89. The Honeymoon Phase

    Pat and Lena's trip ends and they head back to Chicago, but they aren't over their honeymoon yet.

  90. Happy

    Dylan feels content in his new relationship and the newlyweds enjoy a lazy, snowy day off.

  91. Rose Petals

    Big things happen as the couples spend Valentine's Day together.


Thank you so much! :)

MrsKaner MrsKaner

I just love this story...been reading it right from the start!!! Love your writing and the plot ;) keep up the great work

hockeygirl07 hockeygirl07

Awe. this is so cute, but sad.

Psquared91 Psquared91

AWE! So Cute!

Psquared91 Psquared91

HAHA. my BF and I are the two people in the whole school who don't get sick, but when we do Its not as bad as every one else, and we always get each other sick.

Psquared91 Psquared91