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Forever and Always


It's been almost three years since the Summer of Hell. When Madeline Gilmore and Aaron Ekblad cheated on each other after almost three years of being together. Madeline just graduated from Boston College, winning a National Championship with the Men's Hockey Team in the process. Aaron Ekblad is not a rookie anymore, but he's not even close to being a Veteran. He doesn't know where he fits in anymore, and leans to the two people in the world that know him best, his best friend Morgan Rielly and his girlfriend of five years Madeline Gilmore. Morgan Rielly moved on from Madeline Gilmore, she used to be the apple of his eye, the love of his life. But now her new title is Best friend. And now that his best friend graduated college she officially signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. One person not happy about this? His fiance Lauren who he is marrying this summer. It's June and things will be heating up in Markham. When Madeline, Morgan and Aaron are coming home for the summer.
Drama always follows them, everywhere.



great chapter and morgan does actually have a yellow lab in real life and her name is maggie

JeanetteRielly JeanetteRielly

Great Story

JeanetteRielly JeanetteRielly