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Wake Me Up


Hannah and Jackie are best friends who have huge goals in life. Hannah dreams of becoming a model while Jackie dreams of making it onto the Women's hockey Olympic team.

But what happens when one night, Hannah meets her so called "soul mate," who just so happens to be Jonathan Toews.

Will Jackie help her best friend keep Jonathan, or will her jealousy take over, an will she snatch him up for herself?


Hannah Hanson

Hannah Hanson

Long blond hair with brown highlights, round blue eyes, olive colored skin and she wants to be a model.

Jackie Meloy

Jackie Meloy

Dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. She's 5'7 and has tan skin. She's a hockey player and dreams of being on the Olympic hockey team. Best friends with Hannah.

Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews

Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane



she died ... no
Im not going to lie I was hapeing for a twist in the story and Pat would be the one to save her lol but great story anyways put more soon
Lidija Lidija
aww.. So happy her and her team whipped it out in the championship and that someone was there to stop the a holes at the bar
really great. Loved that she checked Pat. I honestly would love a story where they didn't necessarily play him off as an ass once he gets in a relationship. Everyone makes bad decisions where he is in his life his is just more publicized. Of course I have never met him or would actually know him more than face value so he always could be an A hole.. who knows...

Anyway great story keep it up
Please post soon :) I'm having withdrawal symptoms from not reading your stuff.
Stacey93w Stacey93w