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Fate Has A Way


     Maddison James has everything she wants in life, at least she thinks she does. Although after an accident five years before she can't remember anything. But she does know she has a great fiancĂ©, a beautiful daughter, a great career. But thing's start to change when her fiance gets traded to the Devils and she finds ex-boyfriend/bestfriend Zach Parise in New Jersey.

     Zach Parise made one of the biggest mistakes in his life six years ago and he pays for it every day. He is unhappy in his marriage and knows his wife constantly cheats on him, the only thing that keeps him there is his twins. But when Maddison turns up in New Jersey Zach knows now it has to be fate that brings Maddison back into his life. But will he be able to convince Maddison they belong together!!!!!

Important Note: I do have this story posted on Mibba and have quite a few chapters done on it. This story will take place with Zach still on the New Jersey Devils!!

Disclamier: I Do Not Own Zach Parise, the New Jersey Devils, or anybody associated with them!!!


  1. The Beginning of The End

  2. New Beginnings

    Warning: Slight Sexual Content

  3. Chapter 2

  4. Chapter 3

  5. Chapter 4

  6. Chapter 5

  7. Chapter 6


  8. Chapter 7

    Maddison's POV

  9. Chapter 8

    Split POV's

  10. Chapter 9

    Back in Maddison's POV

  11. Chapter 10

  12. Chapter 11


  13. Chapter 12

    Maddison's POV

  14. Chapter 13

  15. Chapter 14

  16. Chapter 15

  17. Chapter 16

  18. Chapter 17


  19. Chapter 18

    Split POV's

  20. Chapter 19

    Back In Madi's POV

  21. Chapter 20

  22. Chapter 21

  23. Chapter 22

    ZACH'S POV {Part 1}

  24. Chapter 23

    ZACH'S POV {Part 2}

  25. Chapter 24

    Maddi's POV

  26. Chapter 25

  27. Chapter 27


Omg I freaked out so much when I saw there was an update
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie

OMG Do not rush all your fans are here for you
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie
No its not finished yet. I've been having some personal problems and family problems. Also I was dealing with my mom being in Hospice Care last month and she just passed away a week ago. I'm trying to get back on track with my writing again!!!!!
Is this book finished?
CatrinaMarie CatrinaMarie
Oh I'm still working on this story...... I've just been swamped lately and had a recent family emergency...... So my head has been all over the place..... But I promise I haven't given up on this one yet!!!!!! BTW I'm glad you like it!!!! :)