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Of Icings, Halfpipes, and Pterodactyls


It definitely wasn't love at first sight, wasn't even like at first sight, but a rocky start turned friendship can eventually turn into a romance, right? Follow the adventures of professional snowboarder Lily Rivers, as she navigates being the face of a sport, dealing with a frustrating man(Sidney Crosby) who gives her pterodactyls, and figuring out life, whatever that really means.


  1. Chapter 1: Waking up in Vegas... I mean NYC

  2. Chapter 2: They say Canadians are so nice...NOT TRUE

  3. Chapter 3: Football, Caveman, and Vodka. Oh My.

  4. Chapter 4: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer probably wasn't meant to be taken so literally

  5. Chapter 5: And the real question: WWGD?

  6. Chapter 6: There's only one man who would dare give me the raspberry

  7. Chapter 7: Black and Yellow reppin from a Penguin onsie

  8. Chapter 8: What is more dangerous to my health: a Moose or a Jaguar?

  9. Chapter 9: What daughters do

  10. Chapter 10: Soft mitts off the ice

  11. Chapter 11: No, mom. It's a nun club.

  12. Chapter 12: Closet Part Deux

  13. Chapter 13: Pregnant people know everything

  14. Chapter 14: And the walls come (relatively) tumbling down.

  15. Chapter 15: This is why we can't have nice things (Part 1)

  16. Chapter 16: This is why we can't have nice things (Part 2)

  17. Chapter 17: You can't garden in April in Pittsburgh?

  18. Chapter 18: What's in a name anyways? Dear Shakespeare, well that logic doesn't always work....

  19. Chapter 19: James Neal Must Die.

  20. Chapter 20: Return of the Rivers

  21. Chapter 21: Attack of the Russian Bear

  22. Chapter 22: Who needs a private secret island when you have closets?

  23. Chapter 23: 28 Minutes Later....ish...

  24. Chapter 24: Can I have advice? My friend has this problem....

  25. Chapter 25: Catbells for everyone

  26. Chapter 26: Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter, Round 1.

  27. Chapter 27: Of Pterodactyls

  28. Chapter 28: The benefits of double sided sticky tape

  29. Chapter 29: You bag of milk, you.

  30. Chapter 30: 50 Shades of Gray....Towels that is.

  31. Chapter 31: Not sure how I feel about this type of Buckeye.

  32. Chapter 32: What to Expect When....Oh no

  33. Chapter 33: The Clash of Queens....Westeros ain't got nothing on this


  35. Chapter 34: Pitch forward Perfectly with a Twist


Come backkkkkk

amyb11 amyb11


HockeyGirl17 HockeyGirl17

I have marathon read this in the last not even 12 hours and I want mooorreee! I reached the end of the chapter and saw it was the latest one and almost cried. This story is fantastic! Your writing is amazing and I absolutely love the plot. You are fantastic and I cannot wait for the next update!

scootsmcgoots scootsmcgoots


addiegregory addiegregory

Just reread this and I would surely love to see an update!?! I'm hoping you have time and are still interested in finishing it! Thanks in advance and hugs to you!

Maddie Maddie