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Falling Fast and Breathing Hard


Athena Halloway is only twenty years old but she has gone through so much in her life already. She moves to Pittsburgh only a couple months after her best friend passes away from leukemia for a new start and hopes that things will get better for once. She ends up finding more than she asked for.

Author's Note: Chapter 10's title is courtesy of I Wanna by The All American Rejects.

I first wrote this back in 2010/2011 and finished it in 2016. Since I'm writing a sequel that's set several years in the future, I thought it'd be great to finally post it. Can't believe I haven't posted this already. Anyway, enjoy!

Sequel: http://www.hockeyfanfiction.com/Story/92051/One-Breath-at-a-Time/


Athena Halloway

Athena Halloway

(30 in sequel) Sensitive, shy and introverted. She doesn't open up much because of the tragedies in her life but ends up meeting many people in her new life.

Marianne Allender

Marianne Allender

(54 in sequel)Mother to Athena, Marianne married Ronnie only two years after her husband passed away from cancer. She's a caring and loving person, who doesn't understand exactly why her daughter detests her step-father.

Mary Horner

Mary Horner

(30 in sequel)New to Pittsburgh, she becomes Athena's co-worker and new friend. She reminds Athena a lot of herself, having moved away for a new start from a small town in North Carolina.

Ronnie Allender

Ronnie Allender

Athena's stepfather who treats her like a piece of garbage and is very hateful. He appears to be nice around everyone around him, besides his stepdaughter of course, and is fake as can be. Marianne tries to ignore his bad side and simply love him for who he is.


  1. I Wanna Live A Life From A New Perspective


  2. Have You Ever Needed Help When You've Been All By Yourself?

    Shopping, hanging out and a long conversation.

  3. The Dreams Could Come True If Believed

    Athena adjusts to life in Pittsburgh.

  4. I Swear That I Can Go On Forever Again

    The aftermath of the unexpected kiss.

  5. Leave Me With Some Kind Of Proof It's Not A Dream

    After the celebration.

  6. I Said, Maybe You're Gonna Be The One Who Saves Me

    Many problems rise to the surface.

  7. You Learned The Hard Way To Shut Your Mouth And Smile

    One awful visit.

  8. Taken Back By You

    WARNING: Sexual content.

  9. Clouds Are Shrouding Us In Moments Unforgettable

    Early morning memories.

  10. Our Love's The Perfect Crime

    Visiting Kris' family. Part 1 of 2.

  11. Can't Keep My Hands Off You

    Day 2. An exciting tour of Montreal.

  12. Fearless

    The first day in Baltimore.

  13. God Gave Me You

    A visit to a beloved friend.

  14. You've Got Me Feeling Hella Good

    The first day in Ocean City.

  15. All My Loving

    Day 2 and two weeks from then. WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT.

  16. With Arms Wide Open

    Making friends, new developments and shocking news.

  17. My Life Would Suck Without You

    Kris coming back and having an interesting day.

  18. Here In Your Arms

    Meeting Mary and the beginning of hockey season.

  19. I'll Be

    Three weeks in and the first unpredictable road trip.

  20. Part of Me

    The Olan situation. What's gonna happen?

  21. I Never Thought You'd Be The One To Hold My Heart

    Is it gonna be a girl or is it gonna be a boy?

  22. All I Need Is You Smiling

    Christmastime, hockey and family.

  23. Underneath It All

    Christmas Eve.

  24. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


  25. Auld Lang Syne

    New Year's Eve.

  26. What A Wonderful World

    Baby shower time. Surprise visitor, perhaps?

  27. It's A Beautiful Day

    The next day and Kris meeting Susan.

  28. Isn't She Lovely?

    Is it time for Kalea to arrive?

  29. You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings

    An emotional week later.

  30. Memories And Battle Scars

    Family, friends and love.

  31. The Love I’ve Found Ever Since You’ve Been Around

    The end of the trip.

  32. I’m On Top Of The World

    Last game of the season and the next morning.

  33. Sigh No More

    Game 1 vs. Tampa and some major drama.

  34. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

    Game 5 and the rest of the day.

  35. You’re Better Than The Best

    Game 7 and the following morning.

  36. Breathe

    The night has finally arrived.

  37. Thank You For Being A Friend

    Much-needed girl talk.

  38. Perfect Day

    Time to start planning the wedding.

  39. Standing Ovation

    A lazy day in September.

  40. So Good

    Venues, Vancouver and love.

  41. Take Me Down Like A Domino

    An amazing homecoming.

  42. Blessed

    A very up and down day.

  43. You Raise Me Up

    A very interesting Thanksgiving.

  44. Happy

    Meeting Keith's daughter on Christmas Eve and the fun that ensues.

  45. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    Christmas is finally here.

  46. It's A Crazy Life

    An eventful day in January without Kris.

  47. Best Day of My Life

    Celebrating Kalea's first birthday.

  48. Love Me Like You Do

    Late season game against the Flyers and the rest of the emotional day.

  49. Titanium

    The entire first round series against the Flyers.

  50. It's Your Love

    The beautiful wedding and final chapter of the story.


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