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A Favor for a Friend


Aliyah Parker, age nineteen, has always been friends with Sidney Crosby. They grew up together when he became best friends with her older brother. Even though he is older than her she has always acted more mature for her age. Aliyah has always been soft spoken and somewhat shy. it never bothered her though. She didn't like crowds or parties or anything of the nature. Even though Aliyah and Sidney grew apart a little after he moved to Pittsburg, they kept contact.

Sidney did feel bad when Olli Maatta moved to Pittsburg and knew nobody. He said he was doing fine, but Sidney knew he wasn't. It seemed to affect his game too, though most people thought it was just because he was still adjusting. That was when Crosby thought up a new plan, one that would make more than just Maatta happy.


Aliyah Parker

Aliyah Parker

Aliyah is a shy and quiet girl from Canada. She is made fun of by her friends for being far too innocent all the time. She doesn't mind though. She has few friends but her friends are close to her.

Olli Maatta

Olli Maatta

Olli Maata is a rookie on the Penguins team. He is described as soft spoken often by his teammates.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

Who doesn't know Sid the Kid? Captain of the Pittsburg Penguins obviously.



I really should its been hard for me to find time and major writers block......

are you still gonna write this? I love it c:

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can't wait for the next chapter

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Great job : )

5 more minutes. The one sentence that is in everyones vocabulary