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Cause, nobody's gonna try for you
Nobody's gonna do like I for you
And nobody's gonna try for you
And nobody's gonna lie for you
And nobody's gonna do like I for you

Liz was no stranger to her share of famous men in Boston, after all she was friends with Tyler Seguin's roommate; meaning she knew a good chunk of the men on the Boston Bruins.
Adam was never one to be the life of the party, he always left that up to boys like Segs and Marchy. But he was glad Tyler got him to go out the exact week that Fred got Liz to go out.
Liz and Adam meet and their lives will change forever.

(Note: This story starts in 2011-2012 season!)



You aren't a horrible person!! Life happens, and it's okay to have taken a break. But now, if you're back, I'm so happy for updates to start coming back!!
I think that in a traditional sense, an engagement/wedding/etc. would come next. That's always an option to explore for Adam and Liz. If not, maybe just some good old-fashioned drama (car accident? hockey collision? sick baby?? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES)
Honestly, I'll be happy to read anything about the McQuaids at this point. Just take your time and things ideas may come! :) :) :)

caleb617 caleb617

SO MUCH ADORABLENESS. Honestly, major plot isn't even my concern right now as long as I get to read these precious little Daddy Adam chapters!! So happy that you updated!!!

caleb617 caleb617

@caleb617 Thaaaank you! I'm going to try my best to update soon, I've just been so busy! I'm going to start working on something soon!

kateuhlyn kateuhlyn

I spent the weekend rereading this, and it made me realize how much I MISS this story! I really hope that you have an opportunity to update with a new chapter soon -- I'm so eager to see how things go with their little family! Much love, hope things are going well for you!

caleb617 caleb617

Yaaaay!!! I'm so happy that you had a chance to update!! :)

I love the little moments between Adam and Amelia. SO precious. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Liz managing on her own during the playoffs, too! That's bound to be interesting! Thanks for updating, hope you're able to post more soon! :) :) :)

caleb617 caleb617